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Once a Pokemon battles enough, the lady will give you an Effort Ribbon.

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Q: What does the lady in Pokemon emerald in slateport city mean when she says you have to go for it a little harder?
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In Pokemon emerald in slateport there's a woman who sais go for it a little harder what do i do?

you have to train it a little more levles and she will give you an effort ribbon.

In what city do you get a pokeblock case in Pokemon emerald?

slateport city in the contest hall talk to the little girl on the left she will say i have 2 so you can have one

In Pokemon emerald how do you get krabby and kingler And what do i do when the person at slasteport tells me to go for it a little harder Please help me?

you CAN'T!

How do you get a block-case in Pokemon Sapphire?

You get it from the little girl in slateport city

How do you get the legendary Pokemon in the desert underpass in Pokemon emerald?

Its a little tricky to get to, but in the current between slateport and pacifidilog there is a place to dive and you should decode the braille tablet or something ( I'd use the internet) and you shoud be able tofind all the regi pokemon.

How do you get pokeblock case in pokemon ruby?

A little girl will give it to you in the slateport pokemon contest room

How do you catch a natu in emerald?

You have to go to the Safari zone near lillycove city.There you will find a natu but you need pokeblocks you will find pokeblocks at slateport city at the Pokemon contest place in the place where you check in there will be a little girl that will give you pokeblocks.

How do you get the Pokemon block case in Pokemon ruby?

Go to the Slateport Contest hall. Talk to a little girl who has 2 Pokemon block cases, and she will give you one.

How many Pokemon are in emerald version?

a little over 200

How do you full your Pokedex in Emerald?

you have to find and catch all the pokemon in might take a little trading...

Where is the little island in emerald?

if your talking about the battle frontier you must beat the e4,thenyou mustget the ticket from your dad,then go to one of the ship docks in slateport or lilycove

Pokemon emerald where is the ss ferry apt briney?

in little root town