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The sunken SHip, or the Quiz Lady, or the Pokemon Lottery.

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Q: Where do you get a luxury ball in pokemon emerald?
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Is a luxury ball good in Pokemon emerald?

depends how you use it, and what for. If, for instance, it was a dive ball and you used it on a fire pokemon, it would be crap.

How can you get luxury balls in Pokemon FireRed?

Give a Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald, Sapphire, or Ruby a luxury ball to hold and trade to Fire Red. You can get extra luxury balls by winning a master rank contest after your Pokemon already has the ribbon. There is also one luxury ball in the abandoned ship, but you need dive. As far as I know, you cant get the luxery bal without tradeing with the other games I listed, or trade with someone who already has luxury balls. -BubbaJ

How do you get infinite luxury balls in Pokemon emerald?

You can't.

How do you get luxury balls in Pokemon emerald?

Apparently the prize for winning a Contest is a Luxury Ball; however, my source states that you must have won this Contest at least once before to earn the prize.

Where can you buy timer ball in Pokemon emerald?

you cant get a timer ball in emerald

How do you get a heavy ball in Pokemon Emerald?

Heavy balls are not available in pokemon emerald, but they are available in pokemon heartgold and soulsilver

Is a luxury ball good in Pokemon black?

The luxury ball doubles the happiness of a Pokemon so it is good to use on baby Pokemon and ones like zubat who eventually evolves with happiness

What's better an ultra ball or a premier ball on Pokemon emerald?

my top 5 balls: 1. master ball 2. luxury ball 3. timer ball(it work like heck when you play a long battle) 4. dusk ball 5. speed ball

What do you get as a prize for winning master rank in the Pokemon contest in Pokemon emerald?

First time win: Ribbon & if you have 6 or more hearts, you can have a great painting of your Pokemon. Second win and up: Luxury Ball and great painting of Pokemon if it has 6+ hearts.

How do you get a cozy ball in Pokemon Ruby?

There isn't an item called a Cozy Ball in Pokemon Ruby. There is however a Poke Ball called the Luxury Ball. You can find a Luxury Ball in the Abandoned Ship. Luxury Ball is also a reward for winning the master rank contest in Lilycove City after first winning the Ribbon.

What ball do you use to catch latias in Pokemon emerald?

a master ball!!!

Where do you find a Luxury Ball in Emerald?

in the abandon ship and is awarded to you if win a Master Rank Contest for the second time.