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Q: What is in the egg that professor elm gives you?
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Were to get togepi?

you get an egg from Professor Elm at the beginning of the game and then after a while that egg hatches into a Togepi... so pretty much you get a Togepi from Professor Elm

How do get a masterball in Pokemon SoulSilver?

professor elm gives it to you

What Pokemon is in the egg elm gives you?


Who do you get a Pokemon egg from on Pokemon HeartGold?

You get an egg from Professor Elm's assistant from any Poke Mart.

Where can you find Masterball in Pokemon Crystal?

professor elm gives it to you..

What is in the egg prof elm gives you?


Who gives you the first egg in heart gold?

A man called Mr. Pokemon gives you your first egg. You then have to bring it back to Professor Elm and leave it there until you beat the first Gym Leader, He will then send one of his assistants to hand it to you in the Violet City Pokemart.

When will oaks aide give you the egg?

Professor Oak's aide won't give you an Egg however Professor Elm's aide will give you an Egg if you visit him in the Violet City PokéMart after you beat Falkner.

When can you start using the union room in Pokemon heart gold?

after you deliver the egg to professor elm

Where do you go after the mystery egg hatches in Pokemon crystal?

Go show Professor Elm...Obviously

How do you get the Togepi egg in Pokemon HeartGold?

In order to get the Togepi Egg in Pokémon HeartGold, you will first receive an Egg from Mr. Pokémon that you will have to give to Professor Elm however Professor Elm will have 1 of his aides give you the Egg (which is the Togepi Egg) after you interact with him in the PokéMart in Violet City after beating Falkner, the Violet City Gym Leader.

Does professor oak give you a tododile?

no. professor oak gives you a kanto starter and at the start of the game professor elm will give you a choice of cyndaquil, chikorita or totadile.