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Q: What Pokemon is in the egg elm gives you?
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What is in the egg that professor elm gives you?


Who do you get a Pokemon egg from on Pokemon HeartGold?

You get an egg from Professor Elm's assistant from any Poke Mart.

What is in the egg prof elm gives you?


How do get a masterball in Pokemon SoulSilver?

professor elm gives it to you

Where can you find Masterball in Pokemon Crystal?

professor elm gives it to you..

How do you get an Elekid in Pokemon Crystal?

In the beginning you go to Mr. Pokemon; he gives you an egg. Go to Professor Elm and he lets you keep it.AnswerElekid is the pre-evolution ok Electabuzz. Thus, you should breed two Electabuzz or one Electabuzz and a Ditto in order to receive an Elekid in a Pokemon egg.

Who gives you the first egg in heart gold?

A man called Mr. Pokemon gives you your first egg. You then have to bring it back to Professor Elm and leave it there until you beat the first Gym Leader, He will then send one of his assistants to hand it to you in the Violet City Pokemart.

How do you get an everstone in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Prof. Elm will give you one if you show him the Pokemon that hatched from the egg (aka Togepi)

How do you get the egg from elm in silver?

you will actually get the egg from elms assistant at the Pokemon center in violet city after you beat the gym leader there.

What hatches from the egg the guy gives you in heathrome city diamond?

After giving Mr. Pokemon's egg to Professor Elm, he will return it to you for safekeeping. It will hatch into a Togepi.

How far do you need to be to trade in Pokemon gold or silver?

you can trade once you have given elm the egg that you got from mr Pokemon

Where do you get Togepi from in Pokemon SoulSilver?

mr.pokemon. then give to pro. elm and then in violet city, in poke mart, one of the helpers of elm will give the egg to u!^.^