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after you deliver the egg to professor elm

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Q: When can you start using the union room in Pokemon heart gold?
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When do you get to start using your pokewalker in Pokemon heart gold?

In the beginning when you get your second Pokemon.

What Pokemon evolve using a dawn stone in Pokemon heart gold?

a male Kirlia or a female snorunt

What Pokemon can you evolve using sun stone on Pokemon heart gold?

Sunkern-Sunflora, Gloom-Bellosom

Where are the heart scales in Pokemon Platinum?

You can find the Heart Scale under ground by using the Explorer Kit.

Where do you find a heart scale in Pokemon heartgold?

Heart scales can typically be found underground by using the Explorer Kit.

Can you trade your starter Pokemon in heart gold to Pokemon diamond?

Yes, you can. You do it by using the pal park transfer function. (after beating the Pokemon league)

How do you migrate Pokemon on heart gold?

By using the pal park in Fuscia city in Kanto

How do you get eggs without using the day care in pokemon heart gold?

talk to people

How do I trade my starter from Pokemon White to Pokemon Heart Gold?

Not possible,unless you have two DS's. Fyre Extreme- I am using my friend's Dsi and i have a Dsi. I went on the device on the bottom of the screen that you get in White early on in the game and went in the Union Room in HG. But it shows no connection in both games... :/

Can you find a second johto starter Pokemon in Pokemon heart gold version?

Yes you can by using action replay to catch your rivals starter Pokemon with the code for catching trainers Pokemon

When you set a Pokemon in your Pokemon diamond game using the pokesav program will you be able to trade it in the GTS or to a friend in the union room?

you will trade you Pokemon in the gts, not in the union room. just put your Pokemon you want to trade and come back in a while if someone saw it and want to trade. hope it helped

Where can you find Pokemon 118 in Pokemon ranger shadows of almia?

Pokemon R-118 is Yanma. It can be found by using a level 1 Tackle on the tree on the path below the Ranger Union