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At the very end of the tunnel is the legendary Pokemon Heatran. It is level 70, but is not the strongest of the legendaries. With an 8% catch rate you will need about 50-100 ultra balls to be sure of capture and some 60-90 level strong Pokemon. Good luck on capture and hope this helped!

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Q: What is in mount stark on Pokemon diamond?
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Where can you find cyndaquil in Pokemon dimand?

You can find Cyndaquil at Mount Stark on Pokemon Diamond.

What do you do in survial area in Pokemon diamond?

TRAVEL TO MOUNT STARK! go to for legendary locations and more.

How do you get torcoal on Pokemon diamond?

Route 227 and on Stark Mount. when you use the Poke-Radar. P.S. It is spelled Torkoal!

Where should you train your Pokemon on Pokemon diamond?

Stark Mountain

Where do you get a camerupt on Pokemon diamond?

Stark moutain

Where is stark mountain in Pokemon Yellow?

Stark Mountain does not exist in Pokemon Yellow. It is only found in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum

How to get heatran in Pokemon diamond?

you get him in stark mountain then try and catch him

How do you get a palka in Pokemon diamond?

you get him at stark montuins after getting dialga

Where do you get heatran in stark mountain on Pokemon diamond?

at the top at the top

How do you excess Stark Mountain on Pokemon diamond?

you dont you dont

How do you get the Pokemon rihorn in diamond?

he is in stark mountin and route 228

In Pokemon Diamond in stark mountain can you evolve your pikachu into mew?

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