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Go to the fight area duting the weekend or Mount Stark in the week and he will be there to battle with you.

he'll have 6 Pokemon so be ready.

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Q: Where do you battle your rival after you beat the game in diamond and pearl?
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How do you battle your rival after you beat the game in diamond and pearl?

Fly to the Fight Area on a weekend or Defeat the Elite Four 10 times and fly to Fight Area

Where you met your friend after battle tower in Pokemon diamond?

after you beat your rival at battle tower he will reappear every so often

Where is your rival after you beat the elite four in Pokemon diamond?

When you go to Stark Mountain you will meet your rival (you won't battle him/her). After that you will be able to face him at the Fight Area on the weekend(Not on Friday).

You keep catching a dratini how long will it take you to catch a dragonair in Pokemon diamond?

you must beat the seventh gym leader and then when you walk out you will battle your rival. after you battle your rival you will then be able to find dragonairs in tall grass

Where do you versus your rival after you beat the ELite four more then 20 times in diamond and pearl?

You don't need to defeat the Elite 4 20 times, your rival is at the Fight Area every Saturday.

How do you battle the rival's dad in platinum?

in platinum you have to beat the elite 4 and have the national pokedex. after go to the island in the top right corner. to get there you must get too snowpoint city and take the ship. im pretty sure its the same in diamond and pearl

How do i beat my rival in a battle?

have strong Pokemon

How do you battle your rival in pearl at the fight area?

You just have to go there, and in front of the entrance of Battle Park/Tower, he will be standing. BUT he is only there on Weekends. Also, he gets stronger each time you BEAT him.

What can you do after yo beat the champion and finish the Sinnoh pokedex?

After Cyithia and Rowan put you in the Hall of Fame and the credits end you are at your house and Mum says your rival needs you in Snowpoint City. If you go there the rival takes you to the Battle Zone for the Battle Tower in Diamond and Pearl or the Battle Frontier in PLatinum BUT before you can enter you have a double battle with Flint and the Sunyshore leader. and if you unlock the rest of the island you can get Heatran and Pokemon like Pidgey(Kanto) and Sealeo(Hoenn).

What happens when you beat your rival Pokemon diamond?

he gives you $6400!

How do you get fatina back in the gym?

In Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum you may need to get Fatina back in the gym. To do this, you first have to beat Team Galactic and your rival.

How do you beat the battle tower in diamond?

you cant beat the battle tower