What is ev and flow?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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increase and decrease... ups and downs

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Q: What is ev and flow?
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What does EV or IV stand for in Pokemon?

It means the Pokemon was trained in certain stats. Battling Pokemon gives you a certain amount of EV points. For example, battling a starly gives you 1 speed EV point for the Pokemon that battled it. Different Pokemon give different EV's. EV's work like the following: every 4 EV's you get in one stat, that stat is raised by 1. The maximum EV's you can have in any one stat is 255 and the total number of EV's your Pokemon can have is 510. So essentially, only two stats can be fully maxed. You could also divide up the EV's evenly into the stats, but that's not the best thing to do. EV-training is tedious, and without the right items, it takes forever. Go to for all the info about EV's.

What are the berries that raise happiness?

Pomeg Berry raises happiness but lowers Hp Ev's Kelpsy berry raises happiness but lowers Attack Ev's Qualot Berry raises happiness but lowers Defense Ev's Hondew Berry raises happiness but lowers Special Attack Ev's Grepa Berry raises happiness but lowers Special Defense Ev's Tomato Berry raises happiness but lowers Speed Ev's

Why are do IV calculators say my Mighteyena's stats are impossible?

That also happened to me. But the reason why is because either you accidentally entered the stats wrong or you accidentally EV trained your Pokemon when you were battling with it. When you're simply raising Pokemon, they could get EV's by accident. Since EV's are invisible, you can't determine why this happened. And the IV Calculators require you to enter in EV's so it can calculate the average IV's. For help on EV's, try this searching this on google: "What are EV's?"

How do you finish the Battle Tower in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

all you need to do is beat seven trainers back to back to do so i recomend a swampert ev trained for atk and def, a septile ev traind for spd and atk, and a blaziken ev trained for atk sp.atk and speed if you have enough ev stats left, and for double also use a wevile ev train for atk and spd

How do you EV train a Pokemon in platinum?

EV training is a slow process that involves battling specific Pokémon in order to get ev points or effort value points. Most Pokémon give between 1-3 ev points. For every four ev points a Pokémon gets in a stat that stat will be 1 point higher by the time the Pokémon gets to level 100. There is a maximum of 510 total EV points and a maximum of 255 in each stat. When EV training it is important to know which stats you want to raise since you are limited in the total number of ev points both in a specific stat and in total. Maxing out ev's in a stat means getting Pokémon to have 252 ev's in that stat, as that is the highest amount divisible by four. For good ev values for individual Pokémon try the Smogon link below, for good places to train Pokémon in a specific stat check the GameFAQs link. I know this is off topic, but well ev training with bidoofs, i ran into cresselia before i found any bidoofs....

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Ok my fist Pokemon has a power belt and battles a geodude and gets 5 ev's. but another Pokemon in my party has exp.share would it get 5 ev's or just 1?

5 ev. 5 ev.

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