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i don't no y there is that building there its stupid because theres another dude on the roof but you cant talk to him because there is a wall on the roof. seriously what kind of construction workers put a wall on a roof? it doesnt matter what weird universe you are in, even the Pokemon universe, there should never be a wall on a roof

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Q: What is celadon condominiums for in HeartGold?
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Where is the gamefreak director in SoulSilver?

It is in celadon city inside celadon condominiums

Where is the lady that gives you tea in Pokemon?

On the first floor of the Celadon City condominiums.

How do you get two the second floor in the celadon condominiums on Pokemon soulsilver?

Take the stairs...

How do you get a Porygon on HeartGold?

Celadon Game corner.

Where is the game freak on Pokemon Soul Silver?

celadon city in kanto. take elevator two in celadon condominiums to the third floor. hope this helps :)

Where do you get dig in Pokemon HeartGold?

Celadon Dept. Store

Where do you get the Hoenn sound?

when you get all 16 badges go to Celadon City, to Celadon Condominiums go to the elevator, to the third floor the you will find a man in front of a global world

How do you get the elevator in celadon condominiums to work in Pokemon gold?

use rotom event from Pokemon platinum ( i think )

Where is celadons department store in Pokemon heartgold?

in celadon city

Where do you find the fighting dodo in Pokemon HeartGold?

Celadon City.

Where do you get GB sound in Pokemon SoulSilver?

There is a building in Celadon city called Celadon Condominiums enter it and go into the elevator and go to 3rd floor. there is a man looking at a spinning globe and he gives it to you.

Where is erica at on Pokemon HeartGold?

The gym leader Erika is in Celadon city