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i am a member of woogi world and this could not be answered because this is private if you want his woogi why dont you just make a woogi that looks like kind of like his

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Q: What is bigwigs username in woogiworld?
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What is bigwig's password and username for woogiworld?

There is no reason for anyone but the authorized user to have this information. Please be aware that "phishing" or soliciting passwords is forbidden on WikiAnswers.

Why does the author repeat the phrase drumming trumpeting and speech-making?

to remind the reader of the Bigwigs' statusto create a rhythm through repetitionto emphasize the Bigwigs' empty valuesto hide the Bigwigs' generous nature(One of these)

How can a parent interact with their child on woogiworld?

i really don't know how but you can contact woogiworld by sending them a message and this is their

Cheats for woogiworld?

no not yet i wish

Where is the wishing well in woogiworld?

its by the skl

How can you get free woogiworld honors?

you cant

How do you get stickers on woogiworld?

by looking in books.

How do you get the world arcade on woogiworld?

complete the mission

On woogiworld what is yy's password?

ilovemusic not ilovewoogiworld

Were can you find the woogiworld woogipedia?

look in your backpack

How do you get coupons on woogiworld?

you find the state of the day.

What is yys password for woogiworld?

none of your business HATERZ