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First adopt a monster and choose a Username and password.

When you are done adopting your monster, they will show you your username.

If you have forgotten your Username, you can contact Moshi Monsters and ask them to send your Username to your email address.

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Q: Where do you find your username on Moshi Monsters?
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Can you find my username in Moshi Monsters?

No. In order to find a member on Moshi Monsters, you have to know their username. Moshi Monsters' search for members does not allow searches for partial names.

How do you change your username on moshi monsters?

You can not change your Moshi Monsters username.

Moshi Monsters is it better than binweevils?

Yes moshi monster is better than bin weevils. Because on moshi monsters you can find friends on the friends tree. Also moshi monsters can have 2 pets and bin weevils can have none. Add me on moshi monsters. Username is fahim401

How do you find what your user name is on Moshi Monsters?

Go to your old emails on your email address and see for yourself. If you did not save the email with your username information, you can try contacting Moshi Monsters from that email address and ask them to send your username.

Can someone give me a username and password for moshi monsters?

username: dogsrule001 password:dogsr

A username and password for moshi monsters?

username:bossims password:angie

What do you do for the username on Moshi Monsters?

type in what u want people to call you on moshi monsters and not too hard to pronounce

Where can you buy a pom pom on Moshi Monsters?

You can buy the pompom at Market Place! -anna12401 (moshi monsters username)

What is your username on moshi monsters mine is Ellie-bird?


What do you do if you have forgotten your username in Moshi Monsters?

Try contacting Moshi Monsters. If you know the email address that is connected to your account, they may be able to send your username to you. See Related Links for the Moshi Monsters contact information.

What is the real zendaya's username on moshi monsters?

It's swag girl

Is Mr Moshi the computer?

No. Mr. Moshi (mrmoshi) is the username for Michael Acton Smith, the creator of the Moshi Monsters game.