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They both have there areas that they are better. But overall Rune kiteshield is better.

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Q: What is better rune berserker shield 0 or rune kiteshield and why?
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Is a runescape rune spike shield better or rune berserker shield?

Rune berserker no question. Rune Spike is worst, 2nd is rune kite, and best is rune berskerker.

How do you make a rune berserker shield better?

If you are talking about a rune berserker shield 0 then you can play Fist of Guthix(FOG for short) and get tokens to renew and to it's full power for around 10 tokens but doing this will make it un-tradeable.

Runescape What is the best non member shield?

Rune Berserker shield 100 is the best you can get in f2p. You can get it from Fist of Guthix by using 300 tokens or buy Rune berserker shield 0 from Grand Exchange and repair it in Fist of Guthix to 100 by using the Rune berserker shield 0 to the 1 who sell's the stuff? Was it Reggie?

Free player runescape best weapon?

Sword: Rune 2handed sword. Shield: Rune Berserker shield 100.

How many fist of guthix tokens do you need to repair a rune berserker?

To repair a Rune Berserker Shield, you need to use 30 Fist of Guthix tokens. If you buy the Rune Berserker Shield from the Grand Exchange, the shield will automatically be at 0 charges. If this is the case, you can recharge the shield by using it on Reggie the rewards trader at the Fist of Guthix minigame lobby.

What is better rune berserker shield or anti dragon shield or ghutix kite shield and why?

rune berserker shield is bettr because when charged it givs u strenght bonusus and great d fence almost compatible to dragon sq. but if ur lookin 4 price just anti drag. but i say zerker cuz it looks the best :)

Which is the easiest way to get a beserker shield on runescape?

Get 60k for a adament berserker shield and get 200k for a rune one.

What gives strength boost besides amulets in runescape f2p?

Fighter's torso, Obby shield's or rune defenders, berserker helmets, Berserker ring's, dragon or rune boots.

What is the best combo wep or shield for less then 500k?

p2p: crystal shield, dragon square shield and obsedian shield f2p: rune kiteshield I tink... :D

What is the BEST shield to buy on Runescape if your defense is level 60?

The best shield for non-members is a rune kiteshield. The best member's shield is dragon sq shield at 60 def.

What is the best shield in runescape?

The best shield to date is the chaotic kiteshield it costs 200k dungoneering tokens and last for approx 10 hrs of combat. stats Attack: are +2 stab +4 crush -15 MagicDefense: +83 stab +90 slash +86 crush -5 magic +89 rangesoaking: 7% meele 14% rangeFor members, the shield with the best defensive bonuses is the Chaotic Kiteshield, though this shield takes awhile to get.For non-members, the best shield is probably the rune berserker shield. You can get this shield by spending Fist of Guthix tokens.

What is a good runescape ranging shield costing 30k-60k?

If it is a shield with good defense against ranged attacks your best bet is: Members: Granite Shield Non Members: Rune Kiteshield