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Buy both and add poison to the dagger. That way u can use the special with the longsword and u can poison the thing you are fighting
i have bith just wanted to know but ty, oh and poison dont give xp

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Q: What is better for training on runescape the dragon dagger or the dragon longsword i have only done lost city?
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Best weapon for someone with level 60 attack on runescape?

Dragon Dagger, Dragon Battle Axe, Dragon Longsword, Dragon Halberd ----------------- Mainly out of those, Dragon Dagger P++ and Dragon Battle Axe are best. EDIT. dragon claws are better.

What quest on runescape do you have to do to wear dragon items?

To wear dragon items you need to beat certain quest for the weapon dragon dagger: lost city dragon longsword: lost city dragon battleaxe: heroes quest dragon mace: heroes quest dragon scimitar: monkey madness dragon spear: none dragon 2h: none dragon halberd: regicide

What is dragon claws in runescape?

A 2h weapon that's a bit better then a drag dagger and has the best sp atk in all d weapons, it atks 4 times in one hit and uses only 50% of your sp bar.

What is better at training strength on runescape rune 2h or rune scimitar?

for non member: if you want to up fast in str use rune scimi if you want to hit more use long rune sword if you want to hit greater use rune battle axe and 3h rune (dagger and short sword are faster than scimi but scimi hits higher and better) for member: The best way to up in str is dharok

In runescape which is a better weapon a sword or a scimitar?

It really depends..... i THINK a two-hander is better than a scimmy but other than that i thnk scimmy is better. ------------------------------------------------- Scimitars Are more popular, but people don't really know why. they are claimed that they are "fast", but in fact they are just as fast as a sword. If you get in a situation with a scimitar against a slash-resistant monster, You're out of luck. A sword could Stab easily, and slash, both with almost equal bonuses. Scimitars have a very weak stab bonus. Longswords, on the other hand, are only a hair slower than The Scimitar, but provide a moderate strength bonus over the Scimitar. Here is an example : Dragon Longsword: +58 Stab, +68 Slash, +71 Strength. Speed - 5 Dragon Scimitar: +8 Stab, +67 Slash, +66 Strength. Speed - 6 As you can see, With The Dragon Longsword you sacrifice ONE speed for 50 stab, 1 slash, and 5 strength. But it's up to you to decide. Here's another chart comparing the Sword, Longsword and scimitar: Rune Sword: +38 Stab, +26 Slash, +39 Strength. Speed - 6 Rune Longsword:+38 Stab, +47 Slash, +49 Strength. Speed - 5 Rune Scimitar: +7 Stab, +45 Slash, +44 Strength. Speed - 6 This is up to you to decide. Scimitars are the more popular choice because of its DPS or Damage Per Second. For STRENGTH training methods Scimtars are generally better because of the use of DDS or the Dragon Dagger with a sweet 4 special (8 hits max) only using 25% of the special bar. Dragon Longsword on the other hand requires an easier quest done of course called Lost City, which also unlocks the ability to weild Dragon Longsword and Dragon Dagger. Dragon Scimitar requires a quest called Monkey Madness. Most if not all 60 attack pures will use Dragon Scimitar because of speed. +66 str bonus or +72 str bonus isn't really much of a loss. The Dragon 2H Sword on the other hand does not require a quest to complete but is a much more expensive weapon. Dragon Scimitar and Dragon Longsword average about 100-120k generally. Dragon 2H can average 1M plus and it is slower. Despite the convienance of not having to complete a quest to weild the Dragon 2H Sword with a str bonus of +93 it is more of a comboing weapon used by pures. Not really a main weapon to train and or PK with. I highly recommend getting Dragon Scimitar and Dragon Dagger instead of a Dragon Longsword or a Dragon 2H Sword. The Rune Scimitar is the same way it is still faster than the Longsword or Shortsword. If you are a F2P or Free To Play PKER or a Player I recommend the Rune Scimitar. Rune 2H Sword having a nice +70 Strength bonus is a comboing weapon used by Range 2H pures. Rune 2H is not really a main weapon. If your also looking for great combo weapons, pick from these: Granite Maul, Rune 2H Sword, Dragon 2H Sword, Obby Maul (Tzhaar-Ket-Om with Berserker Necklace), Barrellchest Anchor.

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What is better dragon longsword or dagger p?

Pre-Evolution of Combat, the Dragon Longsword was the better main weapon with the Dragon Dagger being the special weapon.Post-Evolution of Combat, the Dragon Longsword beats the Dagger for constant use.

Best weapon for someone with level 60 attack on runescape?

Dragon Dagger, Dragon Battle Axe, Dragon Longsword, Dragon Halberd ----------------- Mainly out of those, Dragon Dagger P++ and Dragon Battle Axe are best. EDIT. dragon claws are better.

What dragon weapon should you use if you have done Lost city in runescape?

Dragon Dagger P++ is a good weapon, but make sure it is P++ not P+. - Other than that Dragon Longsword is good, but the special attack hits twice on the Dagger and the Dagger is Cheaper.

What does dds mean in runescape?

dragon dagger

What is the worst item on RuneScape?

bronze dagger

When was the medieval longsword invented?

It was made about 2000 BC in China or Japan ( depending on the source you look up). Swords grew from the dagger.

What weapon is best to train attack is it sword scimitar dagger longsword or what?

I Just Asked My Brother- He Is An Expert on runescape- he knows EVERYTHING!! He said use a Scimitar. Plus That is what i used when i was training my attack. **So use a Scimitar**not true. a scimmy give u a -2 bones when training attack, battle hammer give u a +64 i think. that is highest. if u don't believe me, check on the G.E. also train on lv 58 roaches helps a lot.

How much does a dragon dagger on runescape cost?

Around 30 - 40k

Where to get a dragon dagger p plus plus in runescape?

Grand Exchange

How much is a Rune Dagger on Runescape?

4682 if gran exchange and 12000 at store

On Runescape what is the best dragon weapon you can use if you have at least 60 attack but have only beaten the lost city quest?

Dragon Dagger P++ or Just a Dragon Dagger or you can use the Dragon Long. I like the Dragon Dagger P++ best Dragon Claws are 28million gold. they are best as of now. i recommend you do monkey madness and get dragon scimitar because sooner or later you will have to because dragon longsword is very slow to train with. dragon 2 handed sword is around 1million gold dragon spears do not require a quest but are not that great.

Runescape What is better dd ppp dragon halberd?

Well i always hated the dragon dagger because when ever i verse someone they always keep killing me with their special attacks lol but i think the dagger is the best even though i hate it X D