What is better Pidgey or spearow?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A Pidgey will be more worth even if it is hard to raise

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Q: What is better Pidgey or spearow?
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Who is a better Pokemon Spearow or pidgey?

Personally, I think Pidgey's are way better. They are easier to find, have better moves and more evolutions.

What is pidgey's friend area?

if your talking about spearow it is usually the same area as pidgey. You just have to look harder. you can probly find one around vermillion or in veridian forest.

What Pokemon are in what safari areas in soul silver?

I have seen Ditto, Spearow, Pidgey, Magnaton, Gravelar, and Jigglypuff so far. Hope this helps!

What type of Pokemon does the first gym leader have in heart gold?

Falkner, the gym leader, has flying type pokemon...if i remember correctly he has a pidgey a pidgeotto and a spearow.

How the teach whirlwind to skarmory?

You must breed it to have Whirlwind.breed a female skarmory with a male pidgey that knows whirlwind (lvl17)but if you want drill peck as well, this is the breed chain:female spearow + male pidgey with whirlwind (lvl17)= male spearow with whirlwind then level up to lvl37 to learn drill peckimportand: it has to be male. do not make it evolve into fearow or it will take longer to teach drill peck (do this by pressing B when it dose the flashy change thing)then with the male spearow breed it with a femaleskarmory =skarmory with drill peck and whirlwind ;0#2500v#

What Pokemon can you find in pewter city?

You can't find them IN Pewter City, but east of it you can find Pidgey, Spearow, Weedle, Nidoran Male + Female, and if you get lucky, I think you can find Pikachu.

Who is the first gym leader in Pokemon heartgold?

The very first Gym Leader is Falkner. He is an expert on flying type Pokemon. He has one pidgey, one spearow, and one pidgeotto.

What bird type Pokemon is a better choice Pidgey or hoothoot?

i think pidgey because it is strong fast and has many good moves as it evolves.

What Pokemon is better pidgeot or fearow?

in my opinion i'd say pidgeot is better because i have one, but fearow also has good attack power. I use pidgeot because you can find pidgey in the first route (i know you can find spearow at route 22) plus pidgeot is more balanced. Your rival uses one as well and it can be annoying and powerful too. I recommend using the moves featherdance, fly, quick attack and steel wing to cover up its weaknesses and to annoy trainers with featherdance and fly and quick attack for a fast finish.

What bird type Pokemon is a better choice in Pokemon heartgold and soulsilver Pidgey or hoothoot?

The hoothoot is better

What is the evolved form of Spearow?

The evolved form of Spearow is Fearow.

What does spearow evolve into in Pokemon?

Spearow evolves into Fearow, starting at level 20.