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Squirtle, the Tiny Turtle Pok̩mon has a bulbous blue skull and a brown shell that covers its back and extends around its entire body in a cream band, leaving its blue limbs free. Its tail ends in a swirl, and its body is blue. It has two arms and two legs with three digits on each limb. It has large eyes and a wide mouth, like a turtle. It is a Water Type Pok̩mon and is most well-known for being a Starter. It evolves into Wartortle at level sixteen, then Blastoise at level thirty six.

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Q: What are the characteristics of the Pokemon character Squirtle?
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Does the character ROB in Brawl have a weakness?

yes, it is Pokemon trainers squirtle and up,since he is water and will short him out, so it squirtle

What type of Pokemon is Squirtle?

Squirtle is a Water type pokemon.

Can you get a Squirtle in Pokemon Crystal?

Squirtle is not available in Pokemon Crystal. Squirtle can only be found in Pokemon Red, Blue, or Yellow. Squirtle can be traded to Crystal from those titles.

What type is the Pokemon Squirtle?

Squirtle is a purely Water-type Pokemon.

Where is Squirtle in Pokemon FireRed version?

You get Squirtle as one of the starter pokemon.

How do you beat Pokemon Blue Rescue Team?

If you mean which Character, I will say Charmender&Squirtle or Pikachu&Totodile.

Where do you get Squirtle in Pokemon LeafGreen?

in squirtle land

How do you obtain a game character of 'Ash's Squirtle' to train in the GBA GCN DS and Wii games?

I don't even know what that is, but Ash's squirtle isn't a Pokemon to be obtained in any way. He worked hard on training his Pokemon.

How do you catch Squirtle on Pokemon Blue?

You can't catch a Squirtle. It's one of the Pokemon you can get from oak. You have to trade with someone who already has a Squirtle.

What is the Squirtle Pokemon weakness?

Squirtle is a water type pokemon, it is weak against grass and electric type pokemon.

What are ash catchems Pokemon?

Ash Catchem is the main character of the hit show Pokemon. For his starter Pokemon he wasn't given Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasore but was given Pikahcue instead.

Is mew a playible character in brawl?

No. The only Pokemon available to play are pikachu, lucario, jigglypuff, and Pokemon trainer (charizard, squirtle, and ivysaur). No other Pokemon are able to be played.