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You can't catch a Squirtle. It's one of the Pokemon you can get from oak. You have to trade with someone who already has a Squirtle.

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Q: How do you catch Squirtle on Pokemon Blue?
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How catch venusaur in Pokemon Blue version?

you cant catch venusaur in Pokemon blue you pick at the start of the game out of charmander bulbesaur and squirtle if you want venusaur you pick bulbesaur

Can you catch Squirtle in Pokemon platinum?

the answer is no

Pokemon SoulSilver can you catch Squirtle?


Can you catch a Squirtle in Pokemon Ruby?


How do you catch squirtle?

You can't. Squirtle is a starter Pokemon, you have to trade it into your game.

Can you get a Squirtle in Pokemon Crystal?

Squirtle is not available in Pokemon Crystal. Squirtle can only be found in Pokemon Red, Blue, or Yellow. Squirtle can be traded to Crystal from those titles.

What Pokemon you should get at Blue?


How do you catch Squirtle in Pokemon gold?

you can't, you need to trade with a game that you can start with a squirtle (ie. Pokemon leafgreen, Pokemon firered)

How do you catch a Squirtle on Pokemon Diamond?

you have to get it on any GBA Pokemon games

Where do you catch the Pokemon Squirtle in the Pokemon LeafGreen version?

You cant catch a squirtle in Pokemon firered nor in Pokemon leafgreen. Squirtle is a starter Pokemon so you cant find or catch one unless you use a game shark.EDIT by Man spider27: Although it is- as far as I know- impossible to capture Squirtle or Bulbasaur in Pokemon leafgreen it is possible to find Charmander in the Old Mansion on Cinnabar island. Hope I helped!

Where can i catch Squirtle and Charmander in Pokemon diamoond?

They are not catchable on any Pokemon game,however you can trade to get the starter Pokemon squirtle and charmander on Pokemon Leafgreen/Firered.

What are the starter Pokemon in Pokemon Blue?

Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander.