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Reach Lt. Colonel first, then check the price.

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Q: How do you unlock Mk IV halo reach armor?
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Is level IV body armor on a GSA schedule?


What game is like halo on ps3?

iv heard that crysis is similar but i doubt it

Is the first Halo video game safe for a 10 year old boy?

Yes it is exactly like star wars but there a different name and different people my names jack and Iv got halo and I love it but it is 100% safe hope this helps

Does jun die in halo reach?

this is how he dies: soon after noble 6 dies the pelican that he is in with Doctor Halsey is shot down by the covenant they survive and then a group of covenant come jun tell Halsey go to the evac site then Halsey made some distance then she was killed by an elite by being stabbed througth the adoman. Then jun was badly injured by plasma fire jun crawled to the crashed pelican but then the same elite that killed Halsey killed him by stabbing him througth the back of the neck. note halo reach the game is not based on the books and Jun's death is unknown bungie has not confirmed how he dies but he dies and this is the close as u will get cuz iv read answers of how he dies and iv taken some of the info and changed it and this is what i came up with and it make up with it cuz there pelican was shot down after noble 6 death so they do not escape and go to the shield world plus the shield world is based on the halowars game witch starts in 2525 end ends in 2543 9 years before the halo reach period 2552 witch is a few months before the halo one start. so jun dies on reachok this is pretty accurate however, jun does die in the crash defending halsey and halsey is captured by the covenant, that's what halo wars story line is based on. WORNG the halo wars period was based on 2525 to 2539 13 years before reach and it was pofessor andwers was the one captuerd then rescued in halo wars jun died on reach people say he got off onto the piller of autumm if he did then he would be on halo ce 2 and 3 so he died in reach im sure to the day i die. His death was being raped.He doesnt dieBoth of them don't die. If you have read the books you would know Jun travels with Doctor Halsey, and others into the planet of Onyx later on.He was one of the Spartans II there training the newer Spartans III.The books are different. Jun dies in a crash, but before Emile or 6 die. He dies in the crash where you are manning the turret. Replay the level. Emile actually said "Jun is dead."

What are some soul calibur 4 cheats?

While there are no cheats in SoulCaliber IV, you can achieve unlockables in the game. If you clear a stage without being damaged, you can unlock the Soldier's Hat, for example.

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Do you have to beat halo 4 solo on legendary to unlock the spartan IV armor?

If you beat it on legendary, co-op or solo, you unlock the spartan VI armor.

Do you get new armor being an inheritor in halo reach?

yes, you get JFO armor, and you get mark IV armor, and also a gold visor but that is the max rank.

Is the CQB or the Mark IV armor in halo better?

They are both the same

What is full mark IV on Halo 3?

Mark IV is a type of armor in the game: Halo 3. This is a evolvement from the Mark V armor in the previous Halo games; Halo:Combat Evolved and Halo 2. The armor is also called the Mark 6. In the game it is an armor that is worn by the main charecter: Master Chief. In the multiplayer game it is an armor that you automaticaly wear in the matches.(there are other armors to wear during matches)

What armour do the Spartans in halo reach use?

Helmets Jun:scout kat:air assalt jorge:grenadier carter:mrk v(b) emile:e.v.a Jorge had mark IV armor but all the other Spartans had mark V armor with several different modifications.

How do you boost in halo 4?

Unlock it as a Spartan-IV at Level 12 I believe

Where can you find a Halo 3 costume?

You can find a Halo 3 custome at Meijer. Or at Target

What colors are master chief?

Master Chief from the video game series HALO, is encased in a shielded MJOLNIR Mark IV armor system that is sage green in coloring with black accents.

Which is better grand theft auto IV or Halo 3?

halo 3

Will halo reach have falcons in campaign and multiplayer because iv seen movies of beta and no falcons or banshees?

Halo: Reach will have banshees or some other covenant protoype aircraft simalar to the banshee. It will have a VTOL hover aircraft similar to the falcon, as seen in the world premiere, it may even be a falcon.

How do you unlock Cody in street fighter iv?

You can only unlock Cody in Super Street Fighter IV!

How do you unlock stalker specialization in halo 4?

Complete Specialization Spartan IV at SR50 then go on the spartan hub, select Specializations and then choose Stalker. If you choose something else don't worry as it only takes 10 SRs to complete all the specializations after Spartan IV.