What is ash mom name in Pokemon?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Her Name Is Sara.

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Q: What is ash mom name in Pokemon?
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What is many from Pokemon full name?

May's full name on the Pokemon TV show is "May" since she does not have a last name like Ash Ketchum, Ash's Mom, Professor Oak and Gary Oak do.

Who is Ash's mother from Pokemon?

She is Mrs. Ash's mom She is his mommy she is his friend

Who is ash's mom in Pokemon?

Delia Ketchum

What is the name of ash Pokemon?

Ash Ketchem is his name in the Pokemon seires

What episodes of Pokemon Orange Islands are Ash's mom in?

Pokemon 2000 [ The Power Of One]

Is there any one in Pokemon that loves ash?

Pikachu, Dawn and his mom!

What is the name of ash's first Pokemon?

Isn't it obviously that Pikachu is Ash's first pokemon.

What is Ash's last name in Pokemon?

Ash's last name is Ketchum in Pokémon.

What episode of Pokemon did Ash's Mom catch Mr. Mime in?

Ash's Mom acquires Mr. Mime in the episode titled "It's Mr Mime Time."

Ash is a funny name for a kid on Pokemon?

it is a funny name because ash is retarted!:):):):)

What is Ash's full name from Pokemon?

Ashley Ketchum

Name of Pokemon ash has?

if your talking about his favourite pokemon it's pikachu