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Q: What is an interlude during a play called?
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What is a dramatic interlude?

A dramatic interlude is a short play performed during the breaks of a longer play.

How to use a sentence with the word interlude?

She had a fight with her boyfriend during the interlude of that play.

What is the word for interlude during a play?

Entracte. French word.

Is Interludes a form of the middle ages?

The term interlude can be applied to a short play designed to be performed between other events, or to a morality play. These were forms in use during the Middle Ages. The term interlude can also be applied to music. I have not heard it applied to medieval music.

What does interlude mean?

Jimmy interposed on John and Sara's conversation, to stop a secret from escaping.

What does the prefix lud mean?

"lud"... to play. Ex. interlude... allude...

What is a funny scene used to break up tension in a play?

A scene that is meant to ease the tension in a serious play is called comic relief. It is a humorous interlude that is often used in tragic plays.

If there's a prelude and an interlude why isn't there an epilude?

There is, except its called postlude.

Can you give an example of a sentence using the word 'interlude'?

i interlude

When was Blue Interlude created?

Blue Interlude was created in 1991.

When was A Mere Interlude created?

A Mere Interlude was created in 1885.

What is the song playing at the end of ginuwine's none of your friends business interlude?

Genuine is a famous R&B singer. The song playing at the interlude of non of your friends business is called Pony.