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The first Chess computer that could play chess was called Deep Blue.

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Q: What was the first computer that could play chess called?
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What was the name of the first digital computer?

The first digital computer was called ENIAC

Who is KK Karanja?

KK Karanja is a chess player. He is credited as the first African-American chess prodigy. Karanja became a U.S. Chess Federation Candidate Master at age 10.

What was the first video game on earth?

The first video game is an often debated topic. The idea of computer that could play games actually dates back to the inventor of the computer himself, Charles Babbage. While designing his never completed Analytical Engine in 1837, a machine he hoped would be able to carry out any mathematical function, he realised it would be capable of playing simple games such as tic-tac-toe and chess. The first actual computer that played a game was called the Nimatron. It was developed and built by Edward U. Condon in 1940 to play the Chinese game of Nim. The game was displayed 'visually' by illuminating columns of lightbulbs. That same year it was demonstrated at the New York World's Fair where it was played by 50,000 people. Source: The first computer game to be displayed on an actual screen was called OXO. It was written for the EDSAC computer by Alexander S. Douglas in 1952 for his Ph.D thesis on human-computer interaction for the University of Cambridge. Spacewar! developed by Steve Russell in 1962 is the first computer game developed for an already existing system; the PDP-1 computer. This also made it the first game to be distributed. The source code was made available to anyone who requested it. Computer Space made in 1971 by Nutting Associates was the world's first commercially sold video game of any kind. The coin-operated video game was created by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney, the later founders of Atari. A year later in 1972 the Magnavox Odyssey, created by Ralph H. Baer, became the first commercially sold video game console.

Why called crossfire?

Crossfire is a First player shooting that could have ghost mode, elimination, etc............

How can you make a stick dude come to life on your computer?

you can make it with a program called pivot stickfigure animator,but you need to download first

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When was chess computer first used?

A chess computer is a machine that can play chess without human input. The first stand alone chess computer was the Chess Challenger which was first used in 1977.

What did the computer deep blue specialize in?

Deep blue specialized in being the first computer to defeat a chess champion at chess when it defeated grand master Gary Kasparov.

Chess master Gary Kasparov lost a game to what computer on this day in 1996?

Chess Master Gary Kasparov lost the first game of a six-game match to IBM's chess computer, "Deep Blue" in 1996.

Who invented the first video-game?

The first 'proper' videogame was a computer version of Chess, made by Alan Turing in 1947.

What was the first computer to defeat a world champion chess player?

'Deep Blue' defeated chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov in May of 1997 .

The first computer to defeat a Grandmaster in Chess?

Deep Blue versus Garry Kasparov .

What could the first electronic computer do?

what could the first ever computer actually do?

Who was the first human to beat the best computer in chess?

"Deep Blue" defeated chess grand master Garry Kasparov in the May of 1997.

Where was the game of chess first played?

The first game of chess was played in India.

What is the first move in chess called?

The name of the first move played in a game of chess is called the "opening move". There are a total of 20 opening moves that can be played at the start of a chess game. Each pawn has a possibility of moving either one or two steps forward creating 16 possible first moves with a pawn. Both knights have two squares they can move to creating another 4 possible opening moves.

What was the first toy invented?

An ancestor of chess begins to be played.It evolves from an Indian game called Chaturanga.In the 15th Century, modern chess pieces were finally standardized.The queen and bishop pieces acquired the powers they hold today. so chess would be the first toy!

How do you win at chess computers?

Good QUESTion , a player need to first be acquainted with how the computer 'thinks' ~ see related link below .