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It is a prologue.

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Q: A speech that introduces a play is called?
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What part of speech introduces phrases?


What is the speech at the end of the play called?


What is an assumptio?

An assumptio is a rhetorical device which introduces extraneous propositions into a speech.

The opening material that introduces the characters and situation of a play is the?

The exposition is the opening part of the play that introduces the background of the play and its characters. This is considered the backstory and sets the stage and tone for the play and its characters.

What is the one word for a speech by a player at the beginning of the player?

A speech at the beginning of a play is called a prologue.

What is a speech at the end of a play called?


How do you write an introductory speech?

An introductory speech is a speech which introduces someone to an audience. For example, at a graduation ceremony. The speech should be short and to the point, but include details about the person being introduced.

What part of speech is 'that' in 'he said that he was tired'?

This sentence is a reported sentence and 'that' is a conjunction. It introduces the 'that clause' - he was tired.

What is a monologue in a play?

It is a speech by one orator, such as an address by a politician to a crowd of people. It's contemporary meaning is a dialogue given by a comedian to an audience. Such as what Jay Leno or Conan O'Brien would do at the start of their live shows.

The legislator who introduces a bill is called the?


The member of Congress who introduces a bill is referred to as what?