What is after dragonball z Kai?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Nobody knows yet.

dragonballz af - you mean Dragon Ball April Fools? lol

To answer your question. Dragon Ball Z Kai is only an edit of Dragon Ball Z - Season 1- 6. So if watch DBZ Kai, you then have Season 7 - 9 after. (Then Dragon Ball GT after that).

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Q: What is after dragonball z Kai?
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Will dragonball Kai be shown in America?

I guess because I went to the internet and I was reading about that "dragonball Kai will be shown or be aird in nicktoons this may2010" but the show will be called (dragonball z Kai) but I don't know which day that the show will be on so guys when you can go to the internet you could check about or check out which day in may2010 will dragonball Kai or dragonball z Kai will come out and dragonball Kai or dragonball z Kai and dragonball z are the same thing because when you see dragonball Kai or dragonball z Kai it will be the same thing

What is Kai in English?

Kai Means inproved as in Dragonball Z KAI

How many episodes of Dragon Ball gt and Dragon Ball z Kai?

Dragonball GT= 64 episodes : Dragonball Z Kai= 98

What is the difference between dragonballz and dragonball Kai?

I don't think theres a difference i think dragonball z Kai is like a repeat of dragonball z and who knows maybe they will continue the story of goku and uub.

Where can you watch episode 64 of Dragon Ball Z Kai in English?

go to all these have every episode and they are free

How many dragonball z Kai episodes are there?

There are 97 episodes in DragonBall Z Kai (NOT 291 or so) plus 1 more that is listed as an "extra" episode, instead of the original Episode 98.Read more: list-of-dragon-ball-kai-episodesThe mention of 291 episodes comes from the previous version which is DragonBall Z not Kai!

Why don't they make a new dragonball series after dragonball gt?

They did, Dragon Ball Z Kai...

What is the next season after deagon ball gt?

YES there is Dragonball, Dragonball Z, and Dragonball GT, THEN *****DRAGON BALL KAI**

What martial arts was used in Dragon Ball Z Kai?

because dragonball z is a Japanese

Will there be another season of Dragon Ball Z?

Well, theres is a remake of Dragonball Z called Dragonball Kai. But there is a new season called Dragonball GT, this series is not made by Akira Toriyama(The creator of Dragonball)

Why don't they just make Dragonball AF or a sequel to the dragonball series?

because the last series in dragon boll z was dragon boll z Kai

Is dragonball Kai real?

Yes it is. It's remastered Japanese version of Dragonball Z. The episodes will now be cut down to 100.