How old is Goku in dragonball Kai?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The same as in Dragon Ball Z because it is more or less the same show.

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Q: How old is Goku in dragonball Kai?
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Who is the strongest in dragonball Kai?


What is the difference between dragonballz and dragonball Kai?

I don't think theres a difference i think dragonball z Kai is like a repeat of dragonball z and who knows maybe they will continue the story of goku and uub.

How old is goku from dragon ball z Kai?

in saiyan saga 23 in namek saga 24Goku was 47 when Dragonball Z ended.

When is goku going super saiyen in dragon ball z Kai?

The nice folks who are dubbing Dragonball Kai have only finished the Saiyan Saga. Even though Dragonball Kai is already up to the Cell Games Saga, Dragonball Z Kai hasn't even begun the Namek Saga. Goku, of course, undergoes the Super Saiyan transformation in the Frieza saga, after watching Krillin die. Again. Because Krillin sucks.

How old is goku first episode dragonball?

He is 11 years old.

Will dragonball Kai be shown in America?

I guess because I went to the internet and I was reading about that "dragonball Kai will be shown or be aird in nicktoons this may2010" but the show will be called (dragonball z Kai) but I don't know which day that the show will be on so guys when you can go to the internet you could check about or check out which day in may2010 will dragonball Kai or dragonball z Kai will come out and dragonball Kai or dragonball z Kai and dragonball z are the same thing because when you see dragonball Kai or dragonball z Kai it will be the same thing

Who is the strong Goku or vegeta?

Although in DragonBallGT Goku and Vegeta are evenly matched due ssj4, in DBZ Goku is stronger. Goku can upgrade up ssj3, whereas Vegeta cannot. But, in my opinion, DragonBallGT SUCKS!!! Not to mention Dragonball Z Kai. I highly recommend DragonBall Z over all. In the new (fan made) DragonBall AF series, Goku achieves ssj5, making him stronger.So Goku is stronger than Vegeta. Goku IS also the strongest Anime character ever.

How old is son Goku in the beginning of Dragonball?

12 and krillin is 13

Why don't Goku Jr and Goku meet at the end of the last DragonBall GT episode?

Goku and Goku Jr. meet in the DragonBall GT movie, "A Hero's Legacy."

What episode does goku bribe old Kai?

episode 235

How old is Goku in dragonball gt?

He is 50 years old in Dragonball GT. In Dragonball, he was 12 years old In Dragonball Z, he started as a 24 year-old father, he fought Raditz and and died for 1 year (Didn't age). He was revived by the Dragonball Z to fight the saiyans (Nappa & Vegeta). In the Cell sagas(5 years later) now 29, he trained in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and became 1 year older(now back to his normal age) he is now 30. He sacrificed himself and died during the battle against Cell. During the Buu Sagas(7 years later.) Goku was brought back to life by Elder Kai but has not aged at all. At the end of Dragonball Z (10 years later.) Goku is 40 years old. Dragonball Gt takes place 10 years after the end of Dragonball Z

Is there a super saiyan five?

No. DragonBall Z Goku ascends to a SS3 and DragonBall GT Goku transforms into a SS4