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There are actually two colors of Goku's kamehameha wave. In Dragonball and Dragonball Z Goku uses his orignal kamehameha wave which is always a light blue color. In Dragonball GT Goku uses a new kamehameha move called Kamehameha times ten (x10) which turns his kamehameha waves red insend of light blue.

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Q: What color is Goku's kamehameha wave?
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What does Kamehameha's?

Kamehameha = "giant turtle wave"

What are gokus attacks?

Kamehameha,spirit bomb,kio ken, meteor combination, ssj,ssj2,ssj3

Is the kamehameha wave a real move?

no it is not

Gokus strongest attack?

It depends.If its his regular form, its spirit bomb.If its his ssj form,its super kamehameha.If its his ssj2 form, its angry kamehameha. If its his ssj3 form its dragon fist. And lastly if in his ssj4 form, its 10x kamehameha.

How do you curve a kamehameha?

since kamehameha is a fiction move on dragon ball z you cant really do a kamehameha wave in real life lol

How does broly die?

goten, gokus spirit, and gohan killed him by using kamehameha- making him go flying straight into the sun, never to come back again.

How you get a kamehameha wave in wild ones for free?

pliss :(

Can Bardock Do The Kamehameha Wave?

no master roshi made it

What episode does Goku learn the kamehameha?

goku learns the kamehameha on the movie path of power (Edit: Goku first performs a kamehameha wave in the 8th episode of dragon ball)

Can you do the kamehameha wave?

yes u can do it because there is someu can thing called kamehameha you can used it with a magnifing glass with the solar power of the sun

What are gogetas moves in order?

100x big bang kamehameha soul punisher dragon fist explsion dragon fist final kamehamhea big bang kamehameha super kamehameha super explosive wave kamehameha galic gun

Where did Goku do the Kamehameha?

Goku learned the Kamehameha wave after witnessing it being used by Master Roshi and he uses it in almost every fight in DBZ .