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how to shot kamehameha in dragonball fighting 1.7

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how do you shoot a kamehameha in dragon ball fierce fighting 1.7?

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Q: How do you shoot a kamehameha in dragon ball fierce fighting 1.7?
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How do you shoot kamehameha?

Ok to blast a kamehameha(fire ball) you get a lighter and light a Baseball tennis ball or sumthin on fire and throw it.(thats was fireball)to shoot a kamehameha you get a bucket of water and throw it and kamehameha(water) will go everywhere.And if you get enough it'll hurt.:)

Where do you shoot the dragon to died?

on astro-knights.

What do you do with the ice arrow on poptropica?

shoot the mouth of the dragon after you pulled the lever on the back of the dragon

How do you turn out the one gard's light in red dragon?

shoot it

How do you defeat last boss on jak 3?

Shoot the Dragon.

Does the dragon on astroknights blink red if you shoot him?

It blinks yellow and you need to charge your laser lance right up to shoot it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How many times do you have to shoot the dragon in Poptropica until it dies?

You have to shoot it two times to kill it And in some cases three times

What is elvarg's weakness?

Elvarg the dragon is the strongest green dragon . This mother dragon weak with stab or range. Use a crossbow to shoot her..Hope this help.. Thanks for read.

How do you shoot the arrow into the dragon's mouth on Astro Knights Island?

*You can only use the Ice Arrow when the dragon is "asleep" for a few seconds, with its eyes closed and mouth open. You create this by climbing OVER the dragon to the back, then slipping past the spike tail to flip the lever on its back. VERY QUICKLY jump back in front of the dragon and shoot an Ice Arrow into its open mouth. (You have to do this whole process three times.) To shoot the Ice Arrow, click on the icon at the lower left, and aim for its mouth, then click again to shoot.

How do you beat Red Dragon Island on Poptropcia?

you have to jump on all the chains and pull the stick shift and shoot the dragon as many times as you can.

How do you shoot the ice arrow in the dragon's mouth?

climb the chains to the left side and go past the spike ball. then press the switch and the dragon will fall asleep. it will snore so shoot the arrow in its mouth. you have to do this 3 times

How do you do a kamehameha in real life?

To do a real kamehameha move, you must wave your hands a sertain wave motion with your arms and make to motion with your hand close to your waist, then charge with all your power, then a light blue ball apperes in your set of hand, then shoot it at you foe with RAGE!! See the wave motion on