What is a whitelist in Minecraft?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Some servers have a "whitelist" that you need to be on to get into the server. These are also called private servers. To get onto a whitelist, you need to contact the people in charge of the server and ask them to add your minecraft name to the whitelist. If they do, you can now connect to the server by using the IP.

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Q: What is a whitelist in Minecraft?
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Is there a simple vanilla minecraft server with no whitelist?

My server is purely vanilla, small community but it is whitelist.

What is the best no whitelist server for minecraft?

How do you get two player on Minecraft?

You set up a whitelist server, and only whitelist the person you want to play with.

How do you add people to your whitelist on Minecraft?

If whitelist is enabled on your server all you need to do is open the folder which contains your server and find the whitelist text file and type their names into that. You can also white-list people by opening up your "Minecraft Server Launcher", and type in the text box, (whitelist) (add) (username).

Does anyone have a good minecraft redstone server with no whitelist or signup?


How can you go on a whitelist in minecraft?

The whitelist for a server is a list of usernames allowed access to play on that server. You can't just walk through it. Apply for a whitelist on that servers forum, site or thread

How do you register onto the server valorcraft in minecraft?

Follow their whitelist app if they have a whitelist. Then type the IP into the direct connect box in mulitiplayer.

How do you get whitelisted in Minecraft?

You will need an admin on the server to add your name to the whitelist. This can be done by changing whitelist.txt or using the command /whitelist add (name)

How do you get on the minecraft workbench white list?

Try to contact them and ask them to be on the Whitelist.

How do you kick someone from a Minecraft LAN world?

If you are the OP of the server, then you have commands such as "/kick", "/ban", "/ban-ip", or "/whitelist". /kick simply kicks the player off of the server, it doesn't keep them off the server simply because its only a kick. the syntax for the command is "/kick <username> [reason]". /ban adds the player to the blacklist, kicks them off the server, and keeps them off. The syntax for this command is "/ban <username> [reason]", keep in mind this is permanent until you remove the ban with "/pardon". If you want to do temporary bans then that requires server plugins. These commands are for regular vanilla minecraft. This command only bans the specific username. /ban-ip adds the player's IP to the blacklist, which means when you use this command, he won't be able to log on with any other minecraft accounts that he may have. So this command is kinda like another step up from "/ban". Each server can also have a whitelist to make the server public or private. When the whitelist is disabled the server becomes public, if you enable the whitelist then the server becomes private. Enable Whitelist: "/whitelist on" Disable Whitelist: "/whitelist off" (Disabled by default) Add someone to the whitelist (allows them to enter the server) "/whitelist add <username>" Remove someone from the whitelist "/whitelist remove <username>" List people on the whitelist: "/whitelist list" Reload the Whitelist: "/whitelist reload"

How do you add names to a white list in Minecraft?

Just type in "whitelist add <player>" (remove the ").

Can you join my minecraft server?

Unless your server has a whitelist or a blacklist, anyone with the IP address of your server can join it