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Ok you will need some things first. You need the amulet coin. Catch at least 40 species of Pokemon then travel to the house before the bike path (on the top). there will be an aide that will give you the amulet coin. Next you need to get to the sevvi islands. here is a tutorial to get there if you havnt already In firered how do you get to 4 island 5 island 6 island and 7 inland

Now go to five island and the the place labeled "Resort Gorgeous". there will be two "Lady" type trainers that will give you up to 20000 each if you use the amulet coin!

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Q: What is a good way to make money in Pokemon LeafGreen?
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all you have to do is battle people

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No. Poke'mon Master

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you cant... yet

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defeat it

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you battle with it or put exp. share and battle with a different Pokemon

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A ditto with (any Pokemon you put in the day care accept for legendaries)

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shoot him with a railgun

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Just look for a Pokemon with flame body ability and then your eggs will hatch.

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you make a dig and it will explofde and all will live happy

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only firered and leafgreen.

How do the leaf cells make the Pokemon LeafGreen?

i think it is because of chlorophyl and photosynthesis.

How do you Finish the pokedex in Pokemon LeafGreen?

...? umm this question doesnt make sense. you do it by seeing Pokemon! all the Pokemon in the game! (no trade)