What is a good name for a Garchomp?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What is a good name for a Garchomp?
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Which is better garchomp or tyranitar?

Garchomp Because Garchomp is a Dragon type. Garchomp knows Better attacks than tyranitar . He also has more hp than tyranitar if the trainer diddn't put Hp ups.Tyranitar is still good but not as good as garchomp. They both have to be level 100 to make this a good answer.

What evolves into garchomp?

a gabite evolves into a garchomp they learn a realy good move called dragon rush.

Is Garchomp a good choice?

Garchomp is a good choice because Garchomp is a very strong pokemon. (especially Cynthia's Garchomp)

Is your team of Gardevoir Garchomp Scizor emboar drapion and roserade good?


Is this a good Pokemon pearl team for story Infernape roserade floatzel drapion mismagius Garchomp?

Yes, Infernape, Roserade, Floatzel, Drapion, Mismagius, and Garchomp make a good Pokemon team for Pearl.

What is better garchomp or sandslash?


Is this a good team for Pokemon Platinum Houndoom Roserade Garchomp Empoleon Luxray and Staraptor if not have any suggestions?

Houndoom , Roserade , Garchomp , Empoleon , Luxray , Staraptor is a very good team , it just depends what moves they have , How good there stats are What level they are.Other wise , it's a very good team for Pokemon Platinum. Here's a suggestion: Gallade , Empoleon , Garchomp , Frostlass , Crobat , Gliscor.

What are the best moves for garchomp?

A good moveset for Garchomp is: Outrage/ Earthquake/ Brick Break/ Fire Fang. If you want to, you can swap fire fang for crunch or stone edge.

What is a good nickname for garchomp?

Well i called mine, MasterBlaster,But here are some other ones....HammerHead..Rampage..OverKill..Jaws..ORjust Garchomp lolGlad to helpBye

How do you get garchomp in white version?

You can't find garchomp or its previous evolutions in the game. You can see a garchomp if you battle cynthia.

Is this a good team typhlosion lanturn staraptor bellossom Spiritomb Garchomp?

kind a

Which Pokemon is good for fighting Garchomp in pokemond diamond?

Ice type pokemon.