What is a baritone guitar?

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A baritone guitar is a large-bodied, long-necked guitar which plays in a baritone range.

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Q: What is a baritone guitar?
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Where can you purchase a baritone guitar?

A baritone guitar can be purchased from many places. Guitar Center, Sam Ash, and Premier Guitars are some of the many places you can go with sales associates to help you choose the right guitar for you.

Does Katy Perry play any instruments besides the guitar?

piano and baritone and guitar

Is a sound of a baritone high or low?

I'm pretty sure it is a low sound because for an example, a baritone horn is third to lowest in the lower brass family, a baritone saxophone is the lowest in the saxophone family and the baritone guitar is lower than the normal guitar. So that concludes my answer that a baritone is low sounded. I hope my answer helped you!

What are all the string instruments that begin with the letter b?

bass guitar, banjo, baritone guitar,

What does instrument Katy Perry play?

She plays cello piano guitar and the baritone.

Did Katy Perry play an Instrument?

yes she plays cello piano guitar and the baritone.

Do you tune a baritone ukulele same as other ukuleles?

Not normally. The baritone ukulele is tuned to the same four notes as you would typically tune a guitar's lowest four strings.

Is the Fender Bass VI a Baritone Guitar?

It could be, but it is most commonly known as just a six string bass. it is a guitar with slightly thicker strings and tuned to sound like an electric bass guitar.

How does Sungha Jung tune his guitar when playing Gravity?

Baritone tuning, 5 steps lower than standard

Can an electric guitar be played as a bass?

with very thick strings like 13-56 (drop tuning strings) it comes close but theres such thing as a 6 string bass. But, get a baritone guitar for the best results as most guitars you'd have to file down the nut on the neck to make the strings fit and play proper. a baritone electric guitar is a longer necked electric guitar that is designed for bass tunings.

Name a musical instrument you would never find in an orchestra?

Guitar Harmonica Banjo Drums Kazoo Accordion baritone

What is the meaning of ukulele guitar?

It can refer to a number of different variations of the instrument. It could be the taro patch guitar, a four stringed instrument. It may also be a baritone ukulele, one that is tuned like the guitar's bottom 4 strings.

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