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A MonSTAR List (in Moshi Monsters) shows how popular your room is and how many users have visited your room. When you start out you'll be on the Z List then gradually go up the alphabet as more users visit your room. When you get to MonSTAR A'll be proud.

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Q: What is a MonSTAR List on Moshi Monsters?
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On moshi monsters do you know an a list monstar?

There are several A list MonStars. To find an A list MonStar, click on monsters you see walking around on Moshi Monsters to view their profiles and to see what level of MonStar they are.

What does s list mean in moshi monsters?

Monstar list is how popular you are on Mosh Monsters. The Aim is to get to A list.

Who has the highest monstar list on moshi monsters?

The Best Monstar is of course mcflyiepants!!!!!!!!! Hope it helped and add me cpgirl10!!

What is the letter list for on Moshi Monsters for?

The letter list is the MonSTAR list on Moshi Monsters. You get MonSTAR points every time someone visits your room and also when someone rates your room. You start a Z and move up, so the Monsters who have the most visitors have letters closer to the letter A. Moshi Monsters also chooses a MonSTAR of the Week each week and posts their name in the Daily Growl.

On moshi monsters what happens if your monstar list goes to an a?

This is the highest MonSTAR rating you can achieve. If you reach this rating, well done!

What does U monster mean on Moshi Monsters?

There is a list on Moshi Monsters called the MonStar List. You start at Z and have to work your way up to A by getting people to be your friend and having people see your house. So, a U monster is just your rating in the MonStar List.

Who has monstar A on moshi monsters?


How do you level up your monstar list on moshi monsters?

To level up your monstar list, you have to have lots of friends.Also, if people visit your room and/or rate your room, you could level up your monstar list. Add me in moshimonsters. My name: xcuhpcakeyx

Who is monstar of the week on moshi monsters?

The monstar of the week changes every week

How do you move up your monstar rating on moshi monsters?

To move up your MONSTAR rating on Moshi Monsters you have to get people to rate your room and you have to play the daily challenge everyday.

What is the star that has a letter on it on the left at the house on moshi monsters?

The star with a letter on it in your room/house on Moshi Monsters shows your MonStar rating. The lowest MonStar rating is Z and the highest is A.

How many visits for you to reach monstar j list in moshi monsters?

Around 1000 visits. I'm harrypotters1fan4514 friend me.