What is a Mild Poffin?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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a mild poffin is a mixture of every flavor so when you use it on a Pokemon all of its stats go up.

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Q: What is a Mild Poffin?
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How do you make a mild poffin in Pokemon platinum?

Unfortunatley, there is no way to make a Mild poffin except for the one that the guy in the contest hall gives you when you first receive your poffin case. However, there is sililiar poffin called the Sharp poffin that is similiar to the mild poffin and is the same colour. It is often high-leveled. In order to get a Sharp poffin, you must have different berries (ex; Mico berry, Starf berry) and 4 other players.

In Pokemon platinum if you feed your Pokemon a poffin and then enter a contest do the effects of it work for more contests or do you have to feed it another poffin?

When a Pokémon is fed a Poffin, the Poffin's effects are permanent.

How do you raise toughness in Pokemon Diamond?

feed it a sour poffin, you can get a poffin case in the Pokemon fan club.then make poffins at the poffin house.

What types of poffins are there in Pokemon?

Poffins are Pokemon cakes that improve your chances of winning a contest. There are Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Dry and Spicy poffins (there can also be combinations of poffin types like the Bitter-Spicy poffin, the Dry-Sour poffin etc...). Sweet poffins raise cuteness, Spicy poffins raise coolness, Sour poffins raise toughness, Bitter poffins raise smartness, Dry poffins raise beauty. Poffins are also leveled to show how much of that particular stat you have raised. Also, if you make poffins with the right berries and plenty of friends, you might get a mild poffin. Mild poffins raise ALL of the stats mentioned above (cuteness, coolness, toughness, smartness and beauty) so if you are making poffins, this is the one to go for. there are:sour,sweet,mild,foul,dry and biter.

How do you choose a berry to make a poffin?

You go to the poffin house in harthon city

Where do you get happiness poffin in Pokemon pearl?

You make poffins at the Poffin House at Hearthome city.

What is the best poffin in P okemon diamond or pearl?

Foul Poffin. To get on just don't stir it.

What Pokemon has no preferences of poffin type?

Every Pokemon has a type of poffin that they like, if that's what you mean. The creators just find out what poffin goes with the Pokemon's moves and makes it like that kind.

What berrys make a mild poffin?

Here's a guide: Poffin FlavorCondition RaisedBerries SuggestedBitterSmartRawst, Lum, Nanab, Aguav, Haban, JabocaSpicyCoolCheri, Leppa, Figy, Pinap, Tanga, EnigmaSweetCutePecha, Persim, Mago, Bluk, Kasib, CustapDryBeautyChesto, Oran, Wiki, Pamtre, Charti, MicleSourToughAspear, Sitrus, Iapapa, Wepear, Colbur, RowapMildMultipleAll berries not listed above

Cheat codes for a level 99 Poffin on Pearl version?

the ar code is :94000130-fcff0000-621c4d28-00000000-b0000004-00000000-e00052be-00000007-6363631c-00636363-d2000000-00000000

What is the name for the 99 level poffins code?

sorry answered my own question here is the code and what to do: Press L+R to activate and get level 99 poffins. Once you use one, close the poffin case, press L+R once more and re-open the poffin case and you will have another level 99 mild poffin. Hope this helps. Note: It will delete all your other poffins. 94000130 fcff0000 b21c4d28 00000000 b0000004 00000000 e00052bc 00000007 6363631c 00636363 d2000000 00000000

Tips for winning cool contests in diamond?

Show to the Scarf man in Pastoria City a Pokémon with high coolness level, and he will give you the red scarf. Equip this item to the Pokémon (I don' t now. Perhaps the item is automatically equiped when you get it) and it' s contest points will be increased in wich contest. You can raise the Pokémon coolness level making poffins. You can make poffins in a house in Hearthome city. To make a poffin, give to the woman a high spicy flavor poffin (you can check the poffin's flavor in the option "Check Tag"). To make poffins, you need the Poffin Case. You can get it in the Pokémon Fan Club (Hearthome City). To give a poffin to a Pokémon, open your Poffin Case, select the poffin that you want to give, and select the Pokémon that you want to give the poffin.