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Q: What is a 3-letter word for karate expert?
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What is a 3 letter word for a karate expert?


What is the 3letter word that means expressing amazement?


What is a fun fact for karate?

Karate is a Japanese word.

What is 3letter palindrome for something found in some fruits?


What is the maori word for karate?

karāti is the Maori word for karate. It also means garage.

What is blackbelt in karate?

A blackbelt is considered an expert in karate. He/she is called Sempai. However you have to attain 3rd Dan to become an instructor.

What is another word for karate?

There really is no equivalent word for karate. Many will use the style of karate, such as Shidokan or Shotokan or Isshinryu, but that is a sub-set of karate rather than saying the same thing. And karate is a sub-set of martial arts, so that is not the same.

What antonyms does the word karate have?

Karate literally means empty hand in Japanese.

What actors and actresses appeared in Karate sabuk hitam - 1979?

The cast of Karate sabuk hitam - 1979 includes: Billy Chong Lieh Lo as Japanese Karate Expert David Sembel Kies Slamet Toto Soegianto Deasy Surachman

Is karate is European?

No, karate is an Okinawan word for a martial art that has spread throughout the world.

What is the Latin word for expert?

The latin word for Expert is "artis".

Is karate a European word?

No. It is Japanese.