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Umbreon is for the national Pokedex, and Elekid is #197 in the Sinnoh Pokedex.

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Q: What is Pokemon 197 in platinum pokedex?
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What Pokemon is 197 on Pokemon Platinum?

on national pokedex its umbreon

What Pokemon is 197 of the Sinnoh pokedex on Pokemon platinum?

Elekid is number 197 in the Sinnoh Pokedex. Elekid's real number in the National Dex is 239. You can obtain an Elekid in Platinum by breeding an Electabuzz, or Electivire.

What Pokemon is no 184 in pokedex in Pokemon Platinum?

That pokemon is Azumarill in pokemon platinum in the national pokedex

What is no 114 on Pokemon Platinum pokedex?

No. 114 on Pokemon Platinum Pokedex is Tangela.

Hello you need some help completing your pokedex in Pokemon platinum you need numbers 71 93 96 170 197?


How do you get a beyleef in Pokemon platinum for your pokedex?

i finished the pokedex bayleef is not on it for platinum

What Pokemon on the pokedex is 197?

The Pokémon that is #197 according to the National Dex is Umbreon.

How do you get hippopatas in Pokemon Platinum?

you can get him in ruin maniac can also go to Pokemon marriland pokedex or platinum pokedex.

Is there a Pokemon platinum pokedex national pokedex code?


What is before Giratina in Pokemon Platinum in the pokedex?

Absol is the Pokemon before Giratina. Absol's number in the pokedex is 209 and Giratina's number is 210. This is the one in the Pokemon platinum POKEDEX.

Where do you find the 80th Pokemon in the pokedex Pokemon platinum?

barboach? look at the bottom

What is the 303 Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

In the National Pokedex in Pokemon Platinum Mawile is Pokemon 303.