What is Pidgey Pokemon weakness?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Rock, Ice and Electric type moves.

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Q: What is Pidgey Pokemon weakness?
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Where do you find a Pidgey in Pokemon Emerald?

you cant find a pidgey in Pokemon emerald the only way to get a pidgey is to trade with Fire Red or Leaf Green

What level does Pidgey evolve at in Pokemon soulsilver?

Pidgey evolves at level 18.

What level does Pidgey Pokemon soulsilver avolve into pidgeoto?

pidgey evolves at lv.18 same as all the other Pokemon games.

Where to get Pidgey in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Pidgey can be found in several areas and can often be found on Route 1.

What type is the Pokemon Pidgey?


How do you get behind the daycare in Pokemon emerald?


What is the national pokedex number for Pidgey?

Pidgey is #16 in the national pokedex, and it is a Normal-Flying type Pokemon.

What is Pidgey?

Pidgey is a Normal/Flying-type bird that evolves into Pidgeotto then into Pidgeot. Pidgey was one of Ash Ketchum's earliest Pokemon in the original TV series.

What level does pidgey evovle in Pokemon FireRed?

your pidgey will evolve at level 18 and your pigeotto will evolve at lv 36

What level does Pidgey learn sand-attack in Pokemon yellow?

Pidgey learns Sand Attack at level 5.

What stone does Pidgey need to evolve in Pokemon Red?

pidgey doesn't evolve with a stone, it evolves by leveling it up.

What level does pidgey evolve in Pokemon Yellow?

PIDGEY EVOLVES AT LEVEL............... 18 pidgey evolves at level 18 or you can catch piggeoto ( spelled wrong) in viridian forest!