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pidgey doesn't evolve with a stone, it evolves by leveling it up.

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Q: What stone does Pidgey need to evolve in Pokemon Red?
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When Pidgey evolve in Pokemon soul silver?

Pidgey evolves into Pidgeotto at level 18 which then evolves at level 36 into Pidgeot.

What pokemon need a dusk stone to evolve?

You can evolve Murkrow into an Honchkrow, and Misdrevous into an Mismagius. That's all the Pokemon that evolve from a Dusk Stone.

What Pokemon evolve from a oval stone Pokemon diamond?

With an oval stone, you can evolve Happiny into Chanssey.But, you need to make Happiny hold that stone and then level it up in order to evolve.

What Pokemon needs a Thunder Stone to evolve?

Pikachu and Eevee both need a Thunder Stone to evolve.

How do you evolve togetic in Pokemon platinum?

You need to evolve it with a Shiny Stone. This stone is found in Victory Road!

What levels do Pokemon evolve in blue?

Pokemon can evolve at a huge variety of levels; from 7 to 50. Some Pokemon don't need to level up to evolve. They can evolve by stones; such as: Fire Stone, Leaf Stone, Water Stone, Thunder Stone, and Moon Stone. You can evolve them by trading them with a friend, which these are the Pokemon can be traded to evolve: Graveler, Gengar, Machoke, and Kadabra. (These Pokemon are available in Blue and Red. The further Pokemon do not exist.)

What level does buedew evolve on Pokemon diamond?

you need a dawn stone to evolve it

What level does nidorina evolve in Pokemon indigo?

You need a Moon stone to evolve into Nidoqueen

How do you evolve a vulpix on Pokemon explorers of sky?

Well you do need a fire stone, when you get a fire stone give it to your vulpix. after that go to that place where you evolve your Pokemon and your vulpix should evolve.

How do you evolve a level 100 Pokemon when it needs to evolve on Pokemon diamond?

It is impossible unless you need to use a stone on it.

What do you need to do in order to evolve a gloom?

As in pokemon, all you need to evolve a Gloom is to give it a leaf stone

On which level will skitty evolve in Pokemon emerald?

You need a moon stone to evolve a skitty.