What is Microsoft help point?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I was alerted that my computer had a Trojan and was directed to download "Help Point" to correct the problem. After doing so, I was blocked from going on the internet or running certain programs without paying a substantial fee to install the full add-on. Instead of doing this I used System Restore to reset my OS to a date 5 days prior and have had no further problems.

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Q: What is Microsoft help point?
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What is help in Microsoft in PowerPoint?

Help in Microsoft power point is used for various help issues. It can be done to make complete use of Power point.

Where can one find tips on using Microsoft Power Point?

You can find tips on using Microsoft Power Point at the official Microsoft website in the get work done section. You can also get help in the program from using the help feature.

How do you get your excel sheet from Arabic back to English?

Do one of the following:If you are using Microsoft Windows XP, click Start, point to All Programs, point to Microsoft Office, and then point to Microsoft Office Tools.If you are using Microsoft Windows 2000, click Start, point to Programs, point to Microsoft Office, and then point to Microsoft Office Tools.Click Microsoft Office 2003 Language Settings.The English language is the fifth one down on the list.

What is funci n for outline in ppt?

The function for outline in PPT is for intuition help. This can be used on Microsoft Power Point.

How can you apply Microsoft Office on your studies?

Microsoft office is the application that can help you access you word, PDF or Power point documents that you use on your studies and also your can use Microsoft publisher in designing things such as brochures and business cards.

How does Microsoft Word excel and power point help support careers?

it supports careers because it helps people do there homework.

MacBook Air has power point?

Power-point is from microsoft, and you have to buy it from microsoft. It doesn't come with the computer

What are all the files on micrrosoft called?

Microsoft Power Point Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Word Microsoft Publisher Microsoft Excel Microsoft Access

How many Microsoft points does mindcraft cost?

1600 Microsoft points.

What is a point in Microsoft Word?

A point is the starting point where the cursor is pointing

Can old Microsoft point code be used again?

After you use a Microsoft point code once, it cannot be used again.

Apa fungsi slide design pada Microsoft power point?

There is no such function as Apa saja fungsi on Microsoft power point. However, Microsoft Power Point is used to present slides on the web.