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Q: Can you use the same Xbox Microsoft point codes more than once?
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How did Microsoft get there idea to make the Xbox 360?

You and everyone will know that Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony are battling to be the best console. When Microsoft was creating there Xbox 360, Sony created there PS3, Nintendo created the Wii. When times pass, the graphics in the console gets old and games will suffer badly. So really the main reason why Microsoft created the Xbox 360 is because they wanted more and better games to be played on there console.

Does the Xbox 360 have more games than the PS3?

Originally, the Xbox 360 launched with 14 games. By 2009, there were about 600 games for the Xbox 360, far fewer than Microsoft's projected 1000 games, but more than PS3 at the time.

Why did Microsoft invent xbox?

because bill gates is smart and can make alot more money because it started a consel war

Does Xbox own all live servers including PS3 live servers?

No. Live is a term for the Xbox and the Playstation Network is what PSP and PS3 users have for online games and more. There are no PS3 Live servers only because Playstation has the Playstation Network and Xbox has Live PS3 is owned by Sony, and they have their own servers. XBox is owned by Microsoft.

What is the difference between Xbox and Xbox 360?

Xbox is the original game consol from Microsoft, the XBox 360 is the next generation game consol from Microsoft. Xbox is the original game console from Bill Gate's Microsoft, and the 360 is the new one, which costs a lot more, because of its much higher graphics and complete package.However, I believe that the 360 is backward compatible, which means that xbox games will work on the 360, though not necessarily with all of them. That doesn' mean that 360 games will work on the original though, but that would be sweet though.Wolf5370 says: Web Site below gives a list of all the XBOX games that will run 100% on a 360. Anything not on the list will either run to some degree (slowly, jittery etc) or not at all. think there are many differences. first, the grafics are a lot better. games are better to. there is more memory on a 360 and it is easier to fit in tight places. i recomend you getting a 360

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Can you use Xbox Microsoft points on the Xbox one?

If you still have remaining Microsoft Points, yes, however Microsoft has transferred from Points to actual Dollar value."As part of the next Xbox 360 system update, Microsoft Points will be retired, and transactions on Xbox will take place using your local currency instead of Microsoft Points. Microsoft Points Cards you purchase from retailers will continue to be redeemable on your console and until further notice. Microsoft has no plans to discontinue acceptance of previously purchased Points cards and codes. For more information, see Microsoft transition to local currency." - Microsoft Xbox

Why is fifa 08 not on the original Xbox?

Microsoft is trying to get away from the old xbox, because more people are buying the 360. What's the point of releasing an original xbox game if a small amount of people have the console. I suggest you buy the 360.

Why cant you get fifa08 for Xbox?

Microsoft dropped support for the original Xbox a few months after the Xbox 360 was released. So basically, no more Xbox games.

Who has more money xbox or playstion?

Possible Xbox because its a Microsoft product. Microsoft has built the Windows Operating System which is on every laptop which you buy from any store. Sony has just products.

Why did xbox 360 get the new maps first?

Usually in cases where Xbox gets new maps before any other console is due to special deals that Microsoft has made with the gaming companies as a selling point so more people will buy the 360.

Will Microsoft fix my Xbox 360 more then once for free?

if the same problem occurs yes

Is there a cable for the XBOX 360 allowing you to play Original Xbox games?

No the Xbox 360 Is compatible with some Original Xbox Games although Can not be played online as there was an update because Microsoft wanted more people to get the xbox 360

Why Microsoft create a cheap console like xbox 360?

Because the console is cheaper to build and Microsoft will get alot more money from its online option.

What companies use Microsoft Ads?

Companies which use Microsoft Ads include Yahoo!, Bing, MSN, Windows Live and Xbox. You can learn more about Microsoft Advertising online at the advertising section of the Microsoft website.

Where can one find out more about the most recent Xbox update?

One can find out information on any Xbox console update on Microsoft's official Xbox website. These updates are available for download on the Xbox Live website.

Where can you buy play store redeem code?

At Wallgreens, they have Xbox, and more readeem codes there.

Why is there not a viva pinata for Playstation 3?

Because it is a game published by microsoft, the company that made the xbox 360s. They made it only for xbox so that hopefully more people would buy an xbox.