What is Charizard weak against?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Charizard is weak against rock-type attacks,water-type attacks and electric-type attacks

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Q: What is Charizard weak against?
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Who can beat Charizard on Pokemon?

It really depends on the Pokemon you are fighting and the strategy of your opponent. Charizard is weak against Water x2, Electric x2, and Rock x4.

Whats better salamance or Charizard?

salamance is a dragon and flying type and is weak to electric, rock, dragon, and ice types. charizard is a fire and flying type and is weak to water, electric, and rock types.

Would Lucario or Charizard win a battle?

I think Charizard would win because Lucario is fighting and steel type and Charizard is Fire {strong against steel} and Flying {strong against fighting}

How do you get a good rod in Pokemon diamond?

go past hearthome city,go left,there is a bridge,with a fisherman,the fisherman challenges you to a Pokemon battle his team is: FISHERMANS TEAM: YOUR TEAM: charizard lv.73 IS WEAK AGAINST empoleon lv.100 heatran lv.100 IS WEAK AGAINST milotic lv.100 spiritomb lv.50 IS WEAK AGAINST gengar lv.100 blastoise lV.87 IS WEAK AGAINST torterra lv.100 veanusaur lv100 IS WEAK AGAINST moltres lv.100 regigass lv70 IS WEAK AGAINST lucario lv.100 Hope it helped-email me at if its not working. PS.After you beat him you get the good rod.

What Pokemon are weak against what diamond?

Lots of pokemon types can be weak against one but, obviously, the basics are,Grass is weak against fire, fire is weak against water, water is weak against grass, water is weak against electric, metal is weak against fire, normal is weak against dark, dark is weak against poison, flying is weak against electric, Sorry for boring you, ( I am under the age of 10) XP Thanks for your time :D

What is Pokemon weakness?

YOU NEED TO BE MORE SPECIFIC! which type of Pokemon do you want to know about?Here are a few:Normal is weak against fighting/ghostFire is weak against water/groundWater is weak against grass/electricGrass is weak against flying/fireFlying is weak against electric/iceGround is weak against grass/water/steelFighting is weak against psychic/flyingIce is weak against fireElectric is weak against groundPsychic is weak against psychicThere are 17 elements total, not all of them are listed above

What are Cynthia' s Pokemon weak against?

spirtomb is weak against nothing gastrodon is weak against grass milotic is weak against grass and electric garchomp is weak against dragon and ice lucario is weak against fighting, ground, and fire roserade is weak against fire, ice, flying, and psychic hope this helps.

Who's strong Charizard or Groudon?

the truth is...charizard is better than groudon... bobo si groudon mahina sya! weak!

Is Articuna good against Charizard?

Articuno has a weakness to Fire-type attacks (It is part Ice-type) and can easily be wiped out from Charizard's Flamethrower. I would not recommend fighting Charizard with Articuno.

Can Wartortle Beat Charizard?

Yes , Wartortle can basically win against any fire type Pokemon that exists , including Charizard

What are normal and flying weak against?

Normal is weak against Fighting. Flying is weak against Rock, Ice, and Electric.

What is Charizard strong against?

Since Charizard is a Fire/Flying-type, it can easily knock out a Grass, Bug, Steel, Fighting, and Ice-type Pokemon, if it has both a Fire and Flying-type move like Flamethrower and Fly.