What is Amy from sonic x?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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she is a pink hedgehog who has a crush on sonic.

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Q: What is Amy from sonic x?
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Related questions

What part of Sonic x do Sonic and Amy kiss?

I never played sonic x but you can tell that sonic does NOT like Amy so its kind of impossible that they do kiss

In which episode of sonic x does Sonic hug Amy in which season?

sonic doesnèt actually hug Amy, but there are many scenes of Amy hugging sonic

In which episode of sonic x does sonic hug Amy?

Only Amy hugs Sonic, and Sonic doesn't hug her back.

What episode of Sonic x in Japanese did Sonic and Amy kiss?

There aren't any episodes where Amy and Sonic kissed.

How old is Amy rose on sonic x?

Amy Rose is thought to be about 12-years-old in the Sonic X series.

Does sonic tell Amy he loves her in the third season of sonic x?

Nope, Sonic doesn't love Amy at all!

What sonic X episode does sonic save Amy from drowning?

episode 9, Amy on the beach is the title

What episode in sonic x says Amy is sonic girlfriend?

they never did, sega never announced of sonic and Amy to be an official couple in the sonic series.

Who is Amy Rose in Sonic X?

Sonic's fangirl who has a huge crush on him.

What episode of sonic x did Amy kiss sonic on the cheek?

She didn't.

Did Sonic and Amy Rose ever kiss in Sonic X?

No, they didn't.

In the sonic x episode desparatly seeking sonic do sonic and Amy get lost in the woods?