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She didn't.

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Q: What episode of sonic x did Amy kiss sonic on the cheek?
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Which episodes does Amy kiss sonic?

On the lips,never. On the cheek,in the episode "Desperately Seeking Sonic" (forgot episode number.).

Will sonic and Amy ever kiss?

Yup they kiss because is amy’s day dreaming they kiss in sunset but amy kiss sonic on the cheek

What episode of Sonic x in Japanese did Sonic and Amy kiss?

There aren't any episodes where Amy and Sonic kissed.

Which episode did sonic and Amy kiss on?

They kissed in sonic X episode 9 but you don't realy get to see it

What episode does sonic kiss Amy?

Sonic and Amy never but i know that both of them like each other but sonic is too shy to admit it

Has Amy ever kissed sonic on the cheek in sonic x?

Actually, yes!It was somewhere around episode 20-30 when that happened on Sonic X.So, them being together like that, its obvious that Sonic like likes Amy, and of course, all Sonic fans should know that Amy REALLY LIKES Sonic.

Do sonic and Amy kiss in sonic x?

Sonic and Amy do kiss at the end of Sonic x in the Japanese version. I loved it. It was amazing. Japan has all the romance and then the French. We just so happen to be just right. Sonic does love Amy, he really does. He just doesn't know how to express his feeling yet. he will though. I promise.

What part of Sonic x do Sonic and Amy kiss?

I never played sonic x but you can tell that sonic does NOT like Amy so its kind of impossible that they do kiss

What episode of what does sonic kiss Amy?

sonic has never kissed Amy in his life. but, there are plenty of episodes in witch sonic and sally kiss. sonic really loved sally, but apparently, he is still trying to make up his mind about Amy. oh, and in one sonic x episode, he did give Amy a rose. ( a pink rose !) and to me, that stands for something.

Does Sonic and Amy kiss in the Japanese version?

sonic runs away from amy

What sonic X episode does sonic save Amy from drowning?

episode 9, Amy on the beach is the title

Will sonic ever kiss Amy?

Sonic says no.