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u first need to talk tyo jasmine in the light tower then go to the guy that gives it to you that's the only that he give you the super potion

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Q: What if the man in the pharmacy doesnt give the secret potion to you on heartgold?
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What medicine do you need for the sick Pokemon?

You need the Secret Potion, and you can get it at the Cianawood Pharmacy.

If you beat the seventh gym leader before the 6th in Pokemon heartgold will you be able to still get the secret potion?

Yes, beating the 7th Gym does not effect getting the secret potion.

How do you get the secret potion in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Go to Cianwood City,talk to the guy in the pharmacy(not pokemart) and he will give you it.

What do you give the lady at the light house Pokemon HeartGold?

secret potion. you can find it at the olivine city in that medicine shop.

How do you get the secret potion in Pokemon HeartGold?

talk to jasmine in the lighthouse at olivine city and then go to cianwood and talk to the pharmasist

I went ahead and beat the 8th gym leader how do beat the 6th gym leader if there is no secret potion at the store in heart gold?

the potion is in the pharmacy in cianwood city

How do you get secret potion HeartGold?

go to cianwood city using surf,go to the house with a sign,and if that sign says medicine house,go and talk to that guy,and he'll give you the potion.

What are the four secret words that you answer to Primo in Pokemon heartgold?

You have to answer anyone you want. He doesnt give you anything.

Pokemon HeartGold how do you get the secret portion?

you have to suf from dat city and get to the other town go to the pharmacy and d guy will give it to you

Were to find medicine Pokemon HeartGold?

if you mean the medicine for 'amphy' in the light house, go to the medicine man in cianwood city he will give you a 'secret potion'

How do you get the potion for jasmines sick Pokemon in Pokemon Crystal?

First, go to the top of the lighthouse (not by the elevator, but by the stairs) to meet Jasmine and be told that you need a secret potion from Cianwood. Go to the Cianwood Pharmacy to get the potion. Go back to the top of the lighthouse and talk to Jasmine to give the secret potion to her.

How do you get the medicine for jasmine on Pokemon SoulSilver?

You must surf on Routes 40 and 41 to get to Cianwood City. In the city, there will be a pharmacy where you can get a Secret Potion. Give this to Jasmine.