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First, go to the top of the lighthouse (not by the elevator, but by the stairs) to meet Jasmine and be told that you need a secret potion from Cianwood. Go to the Cianwood Pharmacy to get the potion. Go back to the top of the lighthouse and talk to Jasmine to give the secret potion to her.

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Surf south to Cinnibar island and speak to the herb guy and he'll give you the medicine.

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Q: How do you get the potion for jasmines sick Pokemon in Pokemon Crystal?
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What medicine do you need for the sick Pokemon?

You need the Secret Potion, and you can get it at the Cianawood Pharmacy.

What do you do when the gym leader is sick on Pokemon soul silver?

In Pokemon SoulSilver, no gym leader is sick. However, there is a gym leader attending to a sick pokemon. To heal the sick pokemon, you have to go to the Cianwood pharmacy and get the secret potion that will cure Ampharos.

Where do you get the potion for the sick Pokemon?

When u are in olivine city u can't battle the gym leader, jasmine, until u bring a potion to the sick pokemon, amphy. U have to surf to cianwood city where you have to go to cianwood city pharmact where the man will give you a potion. U then have to surf back to olivine city's lighthouse where you will finf jasmine, the gym leader, right on top with the sick pokemon. Hope I've helped!!

Where do you get hm fly in Pokemon cyrstal?

At the fighting in Jhoto on that island where you get the potion for that sick pokemon. 1. Beat the gym and get the baege. 2. Talk to the lady below the gym and she will give you HM02.

Where do you get strenth in Pokemon Crystal?

In the city where the sick lighthouse Pokemon was, go to the restaurant beside the Pokemon center and talk to the guy sitting at the table. He's the one who gives your Pokemon strength.

Do you have to buy the super potion from somebody in Cianwood city on Pokemon Soulsilver to get to the sick Pokemon in the lighthouse?

No. When you walk into the phrmacy in Cianwood City, (an average building towards the bottom of the town) and talk the the single man inside it, he will automatically give you the potion to revive it if you have talked to jasmine in the lighthouse already.

Why is Lady Goo Goo ill on Moshi Monsters?

Dr. Strangeglove purposely made her sick. Their is no known reason why though.

How on mos hi monstes is lady goo goo ill?

Because when you give her the potion it makes her sick

When can you give a miracle potion to a cow in harvest moon a wonderful life?

if the barn isn't full and the cow isn't sick

Why wont the guy in cianwood give you medicine for that sick Pokemon?

You must first get to the top of the lighthouse BY USING THE STAIRS NOT THE ELEVATOR. Then you talk to the girl and she will ask you to get some medicine for the pokemon. The guy at cinawood will then give you the secret potion. after that you should probably beat the cinawood gym then go north from the gym and you will find suicune but it runs off.

Why cant you panic if a Pokemon is sick?

cause Pokemon isn't real.

When does the boy get sick in Pokemon pearl?

after u beat the Pokemon league