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Then you can't go back on that a account. You must buy another Webkinz to make a new one. Webkinz accounts don't expire anymore so as long as you remember your login your account will never expire.

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Q: What if i forgot your username on webkinz but you lost your secret code?
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On webkinz you forgot password and you lost secret code?

If you forgot your webkinz password, the only way to retrieve it is to click log on at, then forgot password (a small button at the bottom of what is visible right away), then type your username and a secret code that you have entered on that account.

What if i forgot your password on webkinz but you lost your secret code?

If you remember your username,you can call Webkinz(1-866-932-5469) and get them to reset your password. They will ask you a few questions and PRESTO!! New password. They ask you your username,if you have your secret code, what is your secret code, birthdate.___dont do it on april 1st

How do you log into webkinz if you forgot your password?

just go to the webkinz home screen and click forgot password the type your username and code

How can I delete an account on webkinz if you forgot your secret code?

There actually IS a way. IF you have the secret code or a secret code from your webkinz account then you can go to and click on log in then Forgot Password? and type in your username and secret code. But if you forgot your USERNAME and your password, you're proaboly out of luck. If you printed out your user information when you first started your account then you could look back to that and find out your answers. Hope I helped! good luck!

What is the Webkinz dolphin secret code?

every webkinz has a different code even if they are the same animal. hope i helped. i love webkinz. add me. my username is millsberry2010

How do you figure out your webkinz username if you forgot it?

you can't figure out your username if you forgot it however, to make sure you don't forget, you can write your info down and put it somewhere safe if you forget your password, you can use a webkinz code you have registered on that account along with your username to retrieve your password

What if i forgot my password on webkinz but i lost my secret code?

there is alot that can be done just press play now

What is the webekinz secret code?

when you by a webkinz you get a code on a part of the webkinz body and you go on webkinz go to new member and choose if its a boy or girl get username and password and put in you`r`e code and that's what a webkinz secret code is PS. don`t tell anyone you`re code or you loose you`re webkinz account`s for kids like 5-9 but i still play it

Tell the secret code for the chocolate lab on webkinz?

To get a secret code, you have to buy the Webkinz in stores.

What is the secret code for webkinz?

847C811CE That is the fish LCAU2PKV-clydesdale i have 3 webkinz i lost the webkinz alley cat secret code

What is the reindeer webkinz secret code?

Their is numerous secret codes for the webkinz reindeer

What if you lose your secret code and your account expires?

buy a new webkinz. (type inyour username and password and click adopt a new pet.)