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um, well, technically you lost the tag and the tag has the secret code on it but you don't neccesarily need the code unless you forgot your password or something, so... you still have your account unless you forgot your password

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Q: How do you get your Webkinz acout back because you lost your tag?
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How do you restore your lost Webkinz?

You can't.

How could you get a new Webkinz tag for your Webkinz?

You cannot get a new tag for the Webkinz you bought (if you lost the tag to that Webkinz). Your only choice is to buy another Webkinz with that tag.

What is a cheat to get money on Webkinz?

just don't do any cheats because my best friend did it and lost her account

What if i forgot your username on webkinz but you lost your secret code?

Then you can't go back on that a account. You must buy another Webkinz to make a new one. Webkinz accounts don't expire anymore so as long as you remember your login your account will never expire.

What is the secret code for webkinz?

847C811CE That is the fish LCAU2PKV-clydesdale i have 3 webkinz i lost the webkinz alley cat secret code

What are the lost chapters of Mocha's Story the Webkinz?


What is the process for getting back a lost Webkinz?

You go to Help on the main page and find the question you just asked and it might tell you how.

Lossing stuff on Webkinz how do you get it back?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but you can't get things that you've lost on Webkinz back, only unless you earn them. If you are absolutely sure that you're loosing things from your account for no reason, contact Ganz right away and change your password.

How do you negotiate to get your car back that you lost because of a party?

You don't. you lost your car, fool.

Sorry i cant find out what it is i lost my code to my webkinz?

If you lose your webkinz code its lost im sorry its just the way it is. but you can buy a new one. Ganz cannot replace your code but if you buy a new one its ok

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What i you lost your secret webkinz code Lil kinz pig?

Contact Webkinz Customer Support and ask them for help. Make sure you have your account information ready.