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After beating Sabrina no specific HM is mentioned that you can use however its assumed that either her badge or the 7th badge lets you use Rock Smash outside of battle.

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Q: What hm can you use when you beat the saffron city gym leader in fire red?
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How do you get to the gym leader in Saffron on Pokemon fire red?

beat everyone in and you can get into the saffron gym

Where is the sixth gym leader in Pokemon Fire Red?

AnswerThe sixth gym leader, Sabrina, is in Saffron City, but there will be a guard standing in front to the gym. To remove him, you need to beat Giovanni in the Silph Corp. in Saffron City.

How do you get into the silhp co building in saffron city in Pokemon fire red?

You have to beat everything in the city to the left of saffron.

What do you do after you beat the boss in saffron city in fire red?

well after you have beaten Sabrina in saffron city you use surf at the bottom of fuchsia city to get to seafoam island,(where you can catch the legendary bird articuno), then you surf from the side of there to get to an island where the next gym leader is, you will notice that the gym is locked, go inside the big building and in the basement there is a key to the gym. the leader Blaine will have fire type Pokemon

How do you get into saffron city gym on Pokemon fire red?

beat silph co. building then the gym will be open

Where is the fire stone in saffron city?

It's not in saffron city you can buy fire stones at the celadon city dept store.

How do you get to saffron city gym in Pokemon fire red?

It is the dojo at saffron city at the top of the city/

How do you get to the sixth gym leader on Pokemon fire red?

Well in order to be able to fight the 6th gym leader who is Sabrina in saffron city first you must face team rocket in the sky scraper building in saffron. You will come up against Gary as well as Giovanni, or boss rocket. Beat them and when they disappear you will be able to enter the gym.

How do you beat the seventh gym leader in snowpoint city on Pokemon diamond?

the best way to beat the 7th gym leader is with a fire type Pokemon

Where in saffron city is the sliph co in fire red?

Silph co is the largest building in saffron city you cannot miss it.

Where should you go after defeating blaine the gym leader in fire red?

Go to Viridian city and beat Giovanni,the gym leader

How you get the fifth badge in leaf green and fire red?

beat the 5th gym of course, but u can choose 2 beat the 6th gym, or the 5th gym first. becuz the 5th gym is in fushcia city, and the 6th gym is in saffron city