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if its the egg you get from the traveler then it becomes a togepi but if you get it from the daycare it will be the Pokemon that you have put together in the daycare

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Q: What hatches from the egg in Pokemon LeafGreen?
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Where do you find magby in pokemon leafgreen?

Get an egg from ditto and magmar put together, when it hatches u get magby. Easy

Pokemon heart of gold what hatches from the egg?

A Togepi hatches from the egg.

How do you hatch an egg that a guy on an island gave you Pokemon LeafGreen?

all you have to do is to walk around and occasionally check the summary of the egg after a while of walking or running, it hatches

How is the egg Pokemon named?

A Pokemon egg have no name, but when the egg hatches you can give the Pokemon a nickname.

How do you know when a egg hatches in pokemon?

you don't it just hatches. But, walking with the egg in your party will help it hatch

How do you get Togepi out in egg on Pokemon FireRed?

he hatches

How do you get unlimited rare candies for Pokemon LeafGreen?

get 2 Pokemon put them in the day care centre but get the 1 Pokemon to hold rare candy or masterball when the egg hatches hopefully it will be holding the copied item

Can the Pokemon be shiny when it hatches out of a egg on Pokemon pearl?

I think a egg with a shiny Pokemon in it is a different color

How do Pokemon have eggs in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You will need a male and female version of the pokemon you want, then put them both in the day care at the same time, for example, a male and female pikachu will give you a baby pichu when the egg hatches. to hatch the egg you will just have to walk with it.

Can you transfer a egg from Pokemon Platinum to Pokemon Black?

you cant but when the egg hatches then you can trade hope this helped.

How do you get hitmontop on Pokemon LeafGreen?

In Saffron City, at the fighting Dojo, you get a choice of hitmonlee/ Chan. When you can, go to 4 island and put that Pokemon in with a ditto. Train the Pokemon that hatches from the egg to level 20, with equal defense and attack points.

Is there a mystery egg in Pokemon LeafGreen?

No only a Bad Egg.