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he hatches out of the egg the guy gave you

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Q: How do you get Togepi in Pokemon Red?
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How can you get Togepi in Pokemon Yellow version?

You can't get Togepi in Pokemon Yellow. Togepi does not exist in that Pokemon generation. (:

How do you get a togepi in Pokemon Platinum?

how to get a togepi in Pokemon platinum

Is togepi legendary?

Togepi is not a legendary Pokemon.

Can you get Togepi in Pokemon emerald?

Togepi in EmeraldNo, you need to trade it from Leaf Green Or fire red. you could use a GBA action replay or gameshark.

What is a good name for Togepi?

Togepi is a good name for the Pokemon named Togepi

Is togepi a legendary pokemon?

No, Togepi is not a Legendary Pokémon.

How do you get Togepi in emerald?

You can only get Togepi in Pokemon Emerald by trading from another game. Togepi is a baby egg Pokemon that prior to Gen 4 was normal type Pokemon.

Where do you find Togepi's egg in emerald?

The egg in Emerald is a Wynaut. To get a togepi egg, you need to trade either a Togepi or Togetic over from another game (usually Fire Red or Leaf Green) then breed the pokemon with ditto (unless the togepi/togetic is the rare female, in which case any male pokemon from the fairy egg group will work).

How do you evolve Togepi in Pokemon LeafGreen?

it is not necessary to improve its attack or defense i evolved my togepi by only leveling it up it evolved in level 32 in Pokemon leaf green maybe the same fire red don't know

What Pokemon are weak?

While in a battle, you can check Pokemon weaknesses and strengths. Push L or R. Note:I only know that this works in Fire Red and Leaf Green.

Where is the exp share in Pokemon Silver?

trade red scale for a mr.Pokemon's exp share where you got the togepi egg.

Where can you find a Togepi in Pokemon XD?

Togepi is given by a scientist in the outskirt stand.