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A Togepi hatches from the egg.

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Q: Pokemon heart of gold what hatches from the egg?
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If you get the Pokemon Arceus event and the egg what do you do with the egg for Pokemon heart gold?

Arceus awakens the Pokemon you Choose, Palkia, Dialga or Giratina. The egg hatches during the event, and that Pokemon joins your party. It is Lv. 1.

What is the mystery egg in Pokemon gold version?

the mystery egg is a hatches after walking with it for awhile

What level does an egg haunch in Pokemon heart gold version?

an egg dose not level up it hatches on how many steps you take.on each different egg you need a certain amount of steps.

How is the egg Pokemon named?

A Pokemon egg have no name, but when the egg hatches you can give the Pokemon a nickname.

What do you do with the egg that mrpokemon gave you in the beginning of heart gold?

Keep it in your party and walk around until it hatches.

How do you know when a egg hatches in pokemon?

you don't it just hatches. But, walking with the egg in your party will help it hatch

How do you get Togepi out in egg on Pokemon FireRed?

he hatches

How long will they lay the egg in Pokemon heart gold?

Depending on what Pokemon it changes

Can the Pokemon be shiny when it hatches out of a egg on Pokemon pearl?

I think a egg with a shiny Pokemon in it is a different color

How many steps does it take for a Pokemon egg to hatch in heart gold?

It depends on the egg.

How do you get rid of bad egg on Heart Gold Pokemon?

select the egg and say release

How do you duplicate Pokemon in heart gold?

If you want to get another of a Pokemon you have put it in the day care with a ditto.the guy will call you when it has an egg and then walk up and down a long road until it hatches(i suggest goldenrods main street or the bike path)