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Q: What has six faces and twenty one eyes?
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Which words of only three syllables contains twenty-six letters?


What Does the quote in Pokemon Ruby mean Six Dots Open Three Doors?

The "Six Dots" reference the amount of eyes on every "Regi" you find behind the "3 doors"

How much does a AAA Travel membership cost per year?

AAA Travel membership cost varies by location, however for many locations the cost is sixty-six dollars for the lowest coverage, ranging to one hundred twenty five dollars for the most extensive coverage.

Can you use' Malefic Blue-Eyes' to summon 'Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon'?

No. In game terms, there's a difference between saying a "Blue Eyes White Dragon monster" and a "Blue Eyes White Dragon". The first means any monster with 'Blue Eyes White Dragon' in the name, while the second means a card called, and only called, 'Blue Eyes White Dragon'. Six Samurai cards are a good illustration of the former. Because they say "Six Samurai monsters', it means that any card with 'Six Samurai' in the name can be used. Likewise, Volcanic Rocket says it looks for a 'Blaze Accelerator card' meaning both Blaze Accelerator and Tri-Blaze Accelerator can be searched. However, cards like Skilled Dark Magician say "Dark Magician" and not a "Dark Magician monster", meaning the only thing that can be special summoned from it is the Lv7 Normal Monster called Dark Magician, not any variant card like Dark Magician Girl. Lastly then, on Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, the components are listed as simply 'Blue Eyes White Dragon' meaning only the Normal Lv8 monster can be used. (Elemental Hero Absolute Zero on the other hand is an example of the other kind of wording, it looks for 'Elemental Hero' 'Destiny Hero' or 'Evil Hero' monsters as one component).