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You go back to the title screen.

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Q: What happens when you run out of lives on super Mario 64?
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Where should you grind lives in new super mario bros 2?

World 1-A is a good start when it comes to looking for easy extra lives. A single run through this level can earn you around eight lives per run.

How can you run on water Super Mario sunshine?

You can run on water if you use the turbo nozzle.

How do you stop Mario rolling in super Mario galaxy 2?

Press Z or run into a wall

How do you defeat bosser in super Mario 64?

To beat bosser in super Mario 64 you run up to him grab his tail and throw him into a spike.

How do you get in a canon in New Super Mario Bros Wii?

Run into the hole.

When will Super Mario Run come out on Android?

December 15, 2016

How do you beat koopa in super Mario 64?

Run really fast

How do you make Mario speed up in Super Mario Bros DS?

Hold down the B button, then Mario will run. pokemonmaster98

What is a super jump in Mario super sluggers?

if you are talking about a buddy jump it is where you catch a home run with a partner

How do you run classic nes Super Mario Brothers?

Nes isn't a character in Mario bros he is in another game

How do you make Mario do a flip in new super Mario bros ds?

Make Mario run and jump 3 times while running.